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HR takes care of DiGi's most important asset - OUR PEOPLE (or DiGizens, as we call ourselves). 
At DiGi, we're built around one of the most recognised and beloved brands in Malaysia. Over the years, we have become known as one of the most innovative companies in the country, and we have grown very quickly and developed a reputation as a company that is both exciting and invigorating to be in.
We aspire to be a game-changer for the Malaysian telecommunications industry, especially with our solid history of being a leader in driving progressive and responsible corporate and business practices, as well as product and service innovation.
Our working environment is built around OPENNESS, TRANSPARENCY, FLEXIBILITY, with excellent MOBILITY. We are by turns competing, collaborating and serving with other operators, partners and customers, creating value and giving back to the community around us. Today, we are among the most competitive players in the industry.
One thing you can be sure of - we never sit still, but are always changing, growing and becoming better all the time.
We create a challenging and rewarding work environment for our people to excel; to bring out the best in them and to stimulate a high performance culture. Everyone is rewarded competitively, because we recognise and reward performance and contribution.
As part of Telenor Group, the sixth largest global telecommunications provider, our people are given local and international career exposure. We regularly enable our people to take on new roles in the group all over the world, whilst we bring others from the group to work with us to share their skills, knowledge and experience.
We strongly believe in growing talents from within our organization and are proud of our home grown talents who have successfully moved on to leadership roles within DiGi and also internationally within the Telenor Business Units.
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