Getting Connected
Welcome to Digi Content Provider Access webpage where we turn ideas into reality in just a few steps! Let us show you how to connect to our 10 million subscribers and be part of our DiGi family. Learn more about our operator billing capabilities and journey with us as we break new grounds in the contents and services space.
3 simple steps!
    Download and fill up the following documents:
    Gather all the required soft copy of supporting documents:
    • Download, fill up the Letter of Consent
    • Main Service Order Form - signed by an authorized signatory
    • Digi Developer Service Order Form - signed by an authorized signatory
    • Certified true copy of Form 49 (Directors particulars)
    • Certified true copy of Form 9 (Certificate of Registration)
    • Certified true copy of Form 24 (Return of Allotment of shares) with at least RM 100,000 of paid up capital
    • Certified true copy of Memorandum And Articles Of Association (M.A.A)
      - please ensure the MAA must allow the company, at the minimum, "to carry out business as an Information Technology provider" or in similar words
    • Certified true copy Form 44
    • IC copy of the authorized signatory(please cross out for usage of Developer Application)
    • Company bank account statement (please cross out the transactions if required) (need not Certify as True Copy)
    • IBG of RM 2,120 - (inclusive of GST)
    • IBG of RM 1,600 - Deposit payment
      * Please take note that any payment via cheque will be rejected.
Finally, to complete your registration, send the Company Information (listed as the required supported documents ) and Payment Details / receipt to :
The Estimated time frame for the whole service subscription process as per below:-

Stage Duration
Approval Of SOF 2 Working Days
Company and director credit Evaluation 3 Working Days
Connection plan (once SOF is processed and approved) 10 working days
Technical Connection* Heavily dependent on the Developers Capability and commitment. 1 Calendar month