Corporate Milestones
1995 — First Malaysian digital cellular network 1996 — Expansion to Sabah and Sarawak 1997 — First telco to be listed on KLSE 1998 — First prepaid provider in Malaysia 1999 — First to introduce e-pay system 2000 — Alliance with Telenor International 2001 — One million mobile customers 2002 — Automatic International Roaming & GPRS 2003 — Putting Malaysia on EDGE 2004 — First to launch MobileTV™ 2005 — Set for 3G spectrum 2006 — Mobile Operator of the Year 2007 — Launch of D'House 2008 — Innovating the postpaid market 2009 — Launch of broadband service 2010 — Network and infrastructure collaboration with Celcom 2011 — Year of transformation 2012 — Internet forAll 2013 — Gearing up for 4G LTE 2014
24 May 1995
First telco in Malaysia to launch and operate a fully digital cellular network.
3 June 1996
First operator to offer enhanced information services, in the form of interactive DiGi Stock Services with DiGi Stock Alert.
9 April 1996
First digital cellular network to be operational in Sabah and Sarawak.
28 March 1996
First GSM 1800 operator to offer International Roaming facilities.
18 December 1997
First telco (then known as Mutiara Swisscom Bhd) to be listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Main Board under the Infrastructure Project Companies category.
6 October 1997
First operator in Asia to be part of the International Roaming Platform (IRP) and to commercially launch the use of the dual-band mobile phones for use in GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 networks by offering the first Global Cellular Service (GCS) in Malaysia.
28 May 1997
First operator to offer DiGi Guarantees, an exclusive customer benefits programme.
18 May 1998
First operator to offer innovative call programmes that are designed for customer usage of mobile phones.
1 January 1998
First operator in Malaysia to launch the highly popular prepaid mobile phone service, DiGi Prepaid.
7 December 1999
First telco to introduce the e-pay system for convenient airtime reloads for customers as e-pay terminals are made available at venues with easy accessibility.
18 November 1999
First telco to launch an innovative and interactive website in Malaysia as well as Asia. Known as @DiGi, it is slated to be one of the most interactive websites in the telecommunications market.
9 September 1999
First prepaid service provider to introduce the new generation prepaid services which include Quickmail services, Voicemail and International Roaming.
1 February 1999
First GSM operator in Malaysia to offer Automatic International Roaming service to the United States of America.
18 December 2000
The unveiling of djuice, DiGi's unique mobile Internet portal, with its highly entertaining, informative and useful services for customers who need and want greater mobility.
15 December 2000
The launch of iDiGi, DiGi's new Internet Dial-up Access Service in the Klang Valley, which ensures faster access speeds and reliability.
30 October 2000
An RM800 million contract was signed with Ericsson (M) Sdn Bhd (Ericsson) for the expansion of DiGi's existing GSM 1800 network, to boost both coverage and quality of service. The contract also includes the supply and implementation of GPRS technology.
18 October 2000
First telco in Malaysia to launch a revolutionary mobile service in line with full deregulation. Known as DiGi Mobile One, this latest roll-out promises substantial savings for all mobile customers.
4 September 2000
DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. (DiGi) entered into an agreement with Yahoo! Asia (Yahoo) to jointly create WAP-enabled online services.
23 May 2000
First telco in Malaysia to align itself with MTV Asia, the top music channel in Asia, to bring to consumers an interactive and exciting music programme that marries technology and entertainment.
8 May 2000
The name of DiGi Swisscom Bhd., the holding company of DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd., was changed to DiGi.Com Berhad.
18 April 2000
The name of DiGi Swisscom Bhd., the holding company of DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd., was changed to DiGi.Com Berhad.
20 January 2000
The strategic alliance with Telenor International AS was formed.
1 October 2001
DiGi Opens Up Inter-Operator SMS With All Telcos
DiGi opens up inter-operator Short Messaging Service (SMS) with all telcos in Malaysia.
14 September 2001
DiGi becomes first majority foreign-owned service provider in Malaysia with Telenor's increased shareholdings in DiGi.Com to 61%.
10 September 2001
"Star Codes" for DiGi's Prepaid Plus Reloads
An alternative reload method using a new interactive medium, "Star Codes" is launched by DiGi to enable prepaid credit reload for its DiGi Prepaid Plus customers.
23 August 2001
DiGi Paves The Way With 24-hour Service For Prepaid Plus Reload And Purchase Of Chatz
DiGi signs agreement with Convenience Shopping Sdn Bhd, allowing customers to obtain DiGi Prepaid Plus reloads and purchase chatz cards 24 hours a day, at all 7-Eleven stores located in Peninsular Malaysia.
24 July 2001
DiGi Telecommunications & GHL Systems Launch First Prepaid Reload Mechanism Without Prepaid Reload Coupons
DiGi & GHL Systems launched Whoops!, a prepaid reload service that allows prepaid customers to reload their mobile talktime credit without any physical prepaid reload coupons or PIN numbers at terminals located nationwide.
19 March 2001
Introduction of the innovative DiGi Mobile Movie Booking Service, available on DiGi's djuice WAP, STK and SMS platforms, which enables DiGi subscribers to make bookings of movie tickets at selected Golden Screen Cinemas, anytime and anywhere, using their mobile devices.
16 March 2001
DiGi's first-ever MTV-licensed SIM Card Package and Reload Coupons was launched nationwide today. The DiGi-MTV SIM Pack and DiGi-MTV Reload Coupons are the first of their kind to be released anywhere in the world.
Early March 2001
DiGi reaches its one million mobile customers mark due to the combined success of its innovative prepaid and postpaid mobile services.
13 November 2002
DiGi and Citibank Pioneer Automatic Reload Service in Malaysia
First telco to offer DiGi's prepaid customers the country's first auto reload service via an alliance with Citibank. The service allows DiGi's prepaid customers to perform automatic reloads using their credit card.
23 September 2002
DiGi Advances Malaysia's E-commerce Infrastructure through MOL AccessPortal Bhd Collaboration
DiGi establishes an e-commerce milestone through signing a strategic agreement with MOL AccessPortal Bhd to enableMalaysia's first automatic online reload service for DiGi Prepaid Plus and the purchase of chatz, its International Calling Card.
4 June 2002
DiGi - first to implement Automatic International Roaming, cost saving day-time tariff rate and an exclusive Loyalty Programme for prepaid customers in the country
First telco in Malaysia to offer Automatic International Roaming and General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) to its prepaid mobile subscribers nationwide, and simultaneously launch an exclusive Loyalty Programme to reward its prepaid subscribers. DiGi today becomes the first operator in the Asian region to commercially launch General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) services on both prepaid and postpaid platforms.
18 November 2003
DiGi introduces horizon postpaid service
DiGi launches its straightforward and simple horizon postpaid service, offering postpaid customers an attractive choice between its easy-to understand horizon optimum and horizon premier price plans. horizon optimum utilises DiGi's popular auto adjusting rates feature which allows the rate per minute to be reduced with the amount of calls the user makes, while horizon premier allows customers to enjoy a value-for-money nationwide flat rate.
22 September 2003
DiGi launches BEYOND prepaid service
The launch of beyond prepaid, DiGi's new prepaid mobile service with its intelligent automatic adjusting rates feature that automatically reduces call rates as the number of calls increase. beyond prepaid comes with a host of innovative features which include automatic international roaming, MMS, faster internet connection via DiGi's GPRS network, call waiting, call divert and multi-party conferencing.
27 August 2003
A picture speaks louder than words - DiGi customers able to send picture messages
DiGi becomes the first mobile communications service provider to launch Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) for both its prepaid and postpaid mobile customers in Malaysia.
Early August 2003
DiGi hits its two millionth mobile subscriber mark, through increasing customer recognition of its innovative mobile communications products and services.
27 May 2003
DiGi puts Malaysia on EDGE
DiGi signs a strategic agreement with Siemens Malaysia to upgrade its GSM/GPRS mobile network to next-generation wireless technology, introducing Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) in the Klang Valley.
25 October 2004
DiGi puts total flexibility into reloads
Flexi e-load and Talktime Transfer are DiGi's two first-of-its-kind prepaid services that offer greater convenience to customers.Flexi e-load allows DiGi prepaid customers to reload their credit at a dealer by any amount above RM5. Talktime Transfer (TT) is an emergency 'sharing' solution which allows customers to transfer a fixed micro denomination of RM3 to into their friends and family's DiGi accounts.
19 August 2004
DiGi introduces real mobile experience for customers with launch of MobileTV™
First mobile communications service provider to launch Mobile TV™ on its Enhanced Data for Global Evolution (EDGE) network in Malaysia. DiGi customers are able to enjoy a variety of entertainment services anywhere and anytime of the day.
14 May 2004
DiGi puts the Klang Valley on EDGE
Launch of Malaysia's fastest mobile network with services on DiGi's EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) enhanced network in the Klang Valley, promising the highest quality and fastest data transfer speeds offered in the country. Available to both DiGi's prepaid and postpaid customers, EDGE-enabled 3G services promise broadband speeds up to 384 kbps.
16 April 2004
DiGi opens up inter-operator Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) with all telcos in Malaysia.
6 January 2004
Discover from DiGi
First communications service provider to offer a mobile servicecustomized for SMIs with the launch of discover - a practical,cost-saving and simple mobile service to meet increasing demands of SMI business customers and to increase their efficiency levels. Two discover plans are available - discoverprime and discover classic both offering simple and straightforward mobile communications solutions, with affordable monthly fees plus a one flat-rate tariff plan across the nation.
19 December 2005
DiGi endorses 3G benchmark
DiGi endorsed an industry standard on mobile broadband service that will enhance consumer's confidence in the quality of 3G service.
The draft code, "Quality of Service for Voice, Short Message Service and Packet-Switched Traffic for Public Cellular Services", sets performance measures on the three most common bearer service; voice, sms and packet data. This is one of six technical codes approved by the board of directors of Malaysia Technical Standards Forum Bhd (MTSFB) on Friday.
15 December 2005
DiGi offers peace of mind with mEye
DiGi once again added value to simplify everyday life for our customers by offering peace of mind with mEye™ in partnership with iNavigate Sdn Bhd.
mEye™ is a very simple and inexpensive home monitoring solution that enables customers to use their mobile phone to access web cams at home or office - anywhere and anytime. It provides either still image or 10 seconds video clips mEye™ is the latest in broadband wireless solutions, including high speed multimedia and mobile Internet access, that DiGi supports using its broadband EDGE-enabled Widest HighSpeed Mobile Coverage.
9 Dec 2005
DiGi redefines shop-till-you-drop for MTV generation
DiGi in partnership with MTV Asia announced the launch of Malaysia's first merchant WAP portal - MTV Powerpack Merchant Discounts - to reward DiGi Prepaid MTV Powerpack customers.
It hosts selected branded retailers, whose products and services are offered to customers at attractive discounts. This service is an enhancement of the existing Mobile Vouchers benefit which has over 100 merchants.
11 November 2005
DiGi set for next level with 3G application
DiGi submitted its application for a 3G spectrum, confident a success will give the company a new powerful engine of growth. DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer Morten Lundal handed over the 1,070-page document in 4 volumes at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission's headquarters in Cyberjaya.
Lundal said: "DiGi aims to use 3G to create a vibrant, exciting and enriching experience for the Malaysian mobile consumers. It will complement DiGi's existing engines of growth built upon a passion to innovate."
24 October 2005
DiGi teams up with cineplexes to pamper customers
DiGi, scored another first with the recent launch of DiGi-dedicated cinema halls known as the DiGi Movie Halls to pamper customers with privileges that make them the envy of others.
To celebrate this, DiGi customers were treated to a Movie Marathon Carnival in Kuching, Miri, Penang and Johor Baru over three Saturdays, with each hall showing three consecutive blockbuster movies.
21 September 2005
DiGi's innovative high speed technology for the business community
DiGi announced its partnership with ING Insurance Berhad to provide high speed network access for the ING insurance agents who are always on the move to be able to access the agency network portal wherever they are in the country.
This is the first such partnership between a telco and an insurance company where the technology is adapted to gain a competitive business advantage.
Using DiGi's technology, ING Insurance agents can now use a mobile phone, a laptop/PC via PCMCIA card or a PDA to access customer information, policy status and related matters, enquiries, commission information and check on the policy status, sales achievements versus incentive trip information instantly. This will enable the agents to provide better services to their customers, as information is literally at their fingertips.
2 June 2005
Mobile life made simpler with Dial A DiGi
Mobile communications innovator, DiGi notched another first in the industry with the launch of a new alternative way for registration of postpaid lines called Dial A DiGi. With Dial A DiGi, DiGi is advancing the expansion of its service offerings promising customers convenience. Now, customers are spared the hassle of physical registration even at the interim stage by making a quick phone call to a toll-free at 1 800 888 016 and the SIM card will be delivered to the customers' doorsteps.
5 May 2005
DiGi rythmizes prepaid with its new DiGi Prepaid MTV Powerpack
First of its kind in Malaysia, DiGi together with MTV Networks Asia launched its new youth service package. The DiGi Prepaid MTV Powerpack package is bundled with attractive offers including FREE unlimited SMS to Friends & Family numbers all day long, FREE unlimited MTV downloads, FREE daily MTV gossips via SMS, an exclusive WAP portal, exciting web portal, and special invites to parties, movies and concerts.
13 April 2005
DiGi introduced its new Caller Tunes.This new service enables customers to customize their caller tunes with a variety of options, such as music clips, sound effects, personalized messages and advertisements instead of the conventional electronic call connection ring-ring tone.
The selected caller tunes can be assigned by managing the personal Jukebox, TimeZone and CallerGroup Rings service. This new service is made available to all DiGi's postpaid and prepaid customers nationwide.
14 January 2005
DiGi puts Penang on high-speed mode
DiGi now has the widest and best mobile data coverage in Malaysia with the launch of EDGE in Penang and Johor Bahru. More customers now can enjoy high speed mobile internet, Mobile TV, Java and multiplayer games, news, financial services, and traffic information service.
Another industry's first is LifeLogger, an exclusive website that allows DiGi subscribers to upload their multimedia content from their mobile phone to the website page via MMS. The multimedia content on LifeLogger can then be shared with an unlimited number of people.
January 2005
Launch of DiGi's Amazing Malaysians, a corporate social responsibility programme aimed at supporting the preservation of Malaysia's heritage by involving youth and children living mainly in rural areas. DiGi's Amazing Malaysians for 2005 are: Balu Perumal, the Wetland Restorer of Perak; Raja Dato' Kamarul Bahrin Shah, the Traditional Architect of Terengganu; Siow Ho Phiew, The Lion Dancer of Johor; Diana Rose, The Knowledge Keeper of Sarawak and Romli Mahmud, The Storyteller of Perlis
21 December 2006
DiGi airlifts relief supplies to flood victims
During the flash floods in Johor, DiGi chartered helicopters to airlift much needed emergency supplies to flood victims in Segamat and other towns in Johor. The company budgeted RM500,000 for relief efforts, including purchases of daily necessities, transport costs, and free airtime for affected customers.
28 November 2006
DiGi rewards outstanding journalism
For the third year running, DiGi rewards outstanding journalism with the DiGi Journalist of the Year Award has been instrumental in improving the standard of reporting in the telecoms industry.
19 November 2006
DiGi received government recognition for our contribution towards the preservation of heritage. DiGi was awarded the Anugerah Pendukung Seni (Sektor Korporat) by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. This was the first time ever the Ministry was giving out the award to a corporate organisation.
10 November 2006
DiGi Prepaid registration goes online via
DiGi teamed up with Maybank to enable prepaid users to register and validate their account online via thereby opening Internet banking as new channel for Prepaid registration. This will make it easier and more convenient for customers to beat the 15 December 2006 deadline for prepaid registration set by the authorities.
18 October 2006
DiGi is Malaysia's most innovative company
A regional financial daily has named DiGi.Com Berhad as the Malaysian company most admired for Innovation, having listed it among Asia's 200 Most Admired Companies. The Asia 200 survey by the Wall Street Journal Asia also counted DiGi among Malaysia's top five companies most admired for Quality.
16 October 2006
DiGi takes mobile services to the next level
For the first time in Malaysia: DiGi is taking prepaid mobile services to the next level with the announcement of a new tariff structure. Now, all DiGi Prepaid customers will be able to enjoy just one low flat rate for calls to anyone on any network, at any time to anywhere.
9 October 2006
DiGi introduces new prefix numbers 014-30x xxxx and 014-31x xxxx to meet increasing demand
DiGi introduced two new prefixes - 014-30x xxxx and 014-31x xxxx - to meet surging growth in DiGi Prepaid subscribers. The new prefix numbers will be available in both the Northern and Southern region due to the overwhelming demand in these areas. Kedah, Penang and Perak are allocated the 014-30 prefix and Johor the 014-31 prefix.
6 October 2006
Four months on, DiGi revisits Yogyakarta
DiGi is revisiting Yogyakarta to see for itself the recovery process in the stricken area four months on after its first visit in June when an earthquake measuring 5.9 Richter-Scale shook Yogyakarta and its surrounding area, leaving nearly 5, 000 dead and 40,000 injured. This time, DiGi brought cheer in the spirit of Ramadhan to quake-torn settlements.
15 September 2006
DiGi sets tone for new Office Concept
DiGi is changing the way a workplace should be when it officially opened its northern regional office in Gelugor, Penang.
The Penang new office is breathing the DiGi values, by being simply, innovative and bringing best value. It is the first regional office to be modeled after D'House, DiGi's corporate headquarters in Shah Alam.
5 September 2006
Enriching MobileTV Experience with DiGi's D'Channels
DiGi is making the mobile TV experience richer, more accessible and affordable with the introduction of D'Channels. D'Channels provides s even exciting new channels for TV on the go to all subscribers once the service becomes commercially available from 15 September 2006.
23 June 2006
DiGi is Mobile Operator of the Year
DiGi has been named the Mobile Operator of the Year, Malaysia, by a regional telecommunications publication, the third award for DiGi since the beginning of the year. Frost & Sullivan Malaysia recently named DiGi the Mobile Data Service Provider of the Year and the Best Prepaid Telco Service Provider by IT publications PC.Com.
23 June 2006
DiGi's Ejen 016 to explode onto Malaysian TV come July 19
DiGi's first wholly-owned cinematographic production, Ejen 016 will debut onto Malaysian TV come July 19. Malaysian viewers will be able to catch the explosive action right on their television screens as it unfolds over 13 episodes, to be aired over TV3.
30 May 2006
DiGi helps out in Yogya quake
DiGi has credited RM250,000 worth of talktime to Indonesian customers for them to call their loved ones in Yogyakarta. DiGi leveraged on its data and technology to target the Indonesian Prepaid customers who have registered their lines. The special relief credit is in addition to DiGi's waiver of SMS charges for its customers making donation to the Yogyakarta Quake Fund.
11 May 2006
DiGi & Maxis announce inter-operator Friend Finder service
DiGi and Maxis launched an inter-operator Friend Finder service, enabling cross-tracing of friends and loved ones. With this, DiGi and Maxis' customers can locate the whereabouts of users across the two networks that connect over 12 million people nationwide. The Friend Finder is a permission-based service activated only after the person whom the customer wishes to locate gives consent. This permission can be revoked at anytime and the service can also be temporarily disabled.
6 May 2006
DiGi Interactively Delivers Hajj Guidance
DiGi launches first in Malaysia WAP service Taqwa for religious inspiration and guidance. The DiGi Taqwa WAP Portal was launched by YB Dato' Dr. Abdullah bin Md. Zin, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office at the official launch ceremony of Muzakarah, organised by Lembaga Tabung Haji. Taqwa service is available nationwide to both DiGi prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Other features of Taqwa also include SMS packages where DiGi subscribers can obtain religious quotes and guides such as 'Pedoman Adam' and 'Pedoman Hawa' for adults, and 'Pedoman Remaja', respectively for teenagers.
12 April 2006
DiGi sets new precedent in prepaid market with two breakthrough services
DiGi sets a new industry precedent through the DiGi Talktime Extend and Talktime Advance services. The new Talktime Extend service allows prepaid customers to exchange airtime balance for validity. Talktime Advance however, assists prepaid customers who constantly run out of airtime credit and need to make one last call. Through Talktime Advance, customers will be able to receive airtime credit from DiGi whenever the need arises.
21 March 2006
DiGi introduces 014 6xx xxxx
DiGi introduced new mobile numbering prefix of 014-6 to meet increasing demand in new subscribers. The new numbering prefix applies to both DiGi Prepaid and DiGi Postpaid. It offers the same starter-pack pricing, the same charges, the same quality of service and coverage and the same benefits as 016.
20 March 2006
DiGi adjusted its logo by taking away the "sail" in the spirit of simplicity and lifting the upper right corner as a statement of aspiration.
24 February 2006
DiGi announces its Amazing Malaysia 2006!
Announced the 2006 DiGi's Amazing Malaysians 2006 as The Champion of Pahang's Lake Chini (Bishan Singh); The Shadow Player of Kelantan (Eddin Khoo); The Woodcraft Warrior of Selangor (Rashid Esa); The Heritage Architect of Kedah (Laurence Loh) and Madame "Heritage Heboh" of Penang (Janet Pillai) as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme.
19 January 2006
DiGi presents the world's first Mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Game
DiGi presents the world's first Mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Game (3MOG), HinterWars, in partnership with Nokia. DiGi customers will be global leaders in this cross-platform, cross-boundary gaming experience.
5 January 2006
DiGi flexes another first. The DiGi Flexi E-Load for Postpaid
DiGi flexed another first with DiGi Flexi E-Load for Postpaid. Customers can now enjoy hassle-free payment with over 2,000 Flexi e-load locations nationwide. Customers only pay upon receipt of payment that will be sent via SMS on their mobile phones.
23 October 2007
Malaysians to enjoy podcast on mobile phones
DiGi launched D'podCast, a first-of-its kind mobile Podcasting services in Malaysia, bringing what is normally associated with the computer to the mobile phone.
4 October 2007
DiGi and Citi offer SMS global remit
DiGi and Citibank Berhad have activated DiGiREMIT, the first in Malaysia facility that enable the transfer of money from Malaysia to Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines via SMS. DiGiREMIT is designed to simplify the transfer of money using the mobile phone from anywhere and at anytime to the widest distribution networks in the three recipient countries.
17 August 2007
DiGi does its bit for Merdeka joy
DiGi's handed out 50 cars and 50 bikes to 100 lucky Malaysians in a competition to encourage them to get to know Malaysia better. They were rewarded for their participation with the opportunity to win 50 Perodua Viva 1.0 EZi cars and 50 MZ Mantizz 125S motorcycles.
10 July 2007
DiGi in new postpaid drive
DiGi is aggressively driving growth in its postpaid business, offering the lowest voice call rate to individuals and the business community. Customers signing up the new DiGi Postpaid 1 Plan will pay only 13 sen per minute for calls to anyone on any network, anytime and anywhere in Malaysia.
15 June 2007
DiGi best in Asia Pacific
DiGi scored a hattrick when it was named the 2007 Wireless Service Provider of the Year in Asia-Pacific by Frost & Sullivan. This is the third consecutive award for DiGi this year from Frost and Sullivan, having been recognised as Malaysia's Mobile Service Provider of the Year and Mobile Data Service Provider of the Year in May.
11 June 2007
DiGi takes creativity to new heights
DiGi inspires creative expression in a simple, fresh and innovative way that enables Malaysians to express themselves through the arts through Apostrophe, DiGi project engaging the community, is a unique concept that links ideas by connecting a community of like-minded individuals in an arts environment that reaches all Malaysians. These creative arts and vibrant ideas will be posted on a purpose-built website
17 April 2007
Introducing DiGi CelebriTeen 2007!
DiGi CelebriTeen 2007 was launched. The five-month long singing competition begins its hunt for Malaysia's next teen stars.
It is a nationwide singing competition that provides teenagers a platform to showcase their vocal skills, spunk and personality. It aims to showcase and nurture young talents, giving them the opportunity they need in sharing their passion.
12 April 2007
Citigroup and DiGi to Launch Mobile-Based Global Remittance Service
DiGi and Citigroup Global Transaction Services have teamed up to launch Malaysia's first global remittance service using the mobile phone. The new service, targeted at the local remittance market with focus on the growing migrant communities, adds a new dimension to traditional methods of money remittance, with an easy to use, convenient, secure and safe channel.
26 March 2007
A big "Fu-Yoh!" from DiGi
DiGi introduced Fu-Yoh!, a revolutionary prepaid plan targeting today's youth, reinforcing its commitment to developing innovative products and services that are relevant to its customers needs. Fu-Yoh! is an expression that our youth use in their everyday lives. It conveys amazement, surprise and wonder at wow factors. And we designed a service to evoke those exact emotions.
16 March 2007
DiGi Announces Amazing Malaysians for 2007
DiGi announced its five new Amazing Malaysians for 2007. They are: The Treasures Keeper of Kuala Lumpur, Chen Voon Fee. The Jungle-Wallah of Langkawi, Irshad Mobarak. The Rhythm Master of Negeri Sembilan, farmer Pak Saad Harun; The Kristang Poet of Melaka, Joan Marbeck and The Culture Seeker of Sabah, Judeth John Baptist.
24 January 2007
DPM officiates launch of D'House
Deputy Prime Minister Y.A.B. Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak declared open the new DiGi.Com Berhad head office, ushering in a new office concept. True to DiGi's Daring, Different and Dynamic attitude, Dato' Sri Mohd Najib, signed his name on a "floating" work desk that was suspended from the ceiling.
21 November 2008
DiGi takes its first retailing step with DiGi360°
DiGi launched DiGi360°, the company's inaugural concept store, signaling a new extension of the company's distribution approach towards a more comprehensive retail experience for its customers. The store was set up with the objective to expand and enhance DiGi's postpaid market share into segments relatively untapped previously. It is designed to provide a more personalised and empowering experience in terms of delivering services more proactively while instilling a sense of pride for being a DiGi customer.
18 November 2008
1,000 DiGizens on a switch-to-DiGi-mission
DiGi mobilised almost 1,000 employees to hit the streets in the Klang Valley with a mission to switch as many people as possible to DiGi. This on-ground exercise is the first-of-its-kind in Malaysia that saw the majority of DiGi employees canvassing at six main commercial areas in the Klang Valley. They then informed users about the easy process of switching their mobile service providers in the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) environment while still keeping their phone numbers.
16 October 2008
DiGi's 1 Low Flat Rate, simply the Best Choice for MNP
DiGi's 1 Low Flat Rate to all networks across prepaid, postpaid and business segments gives customers the best value and DiGi the edge over competition with Mobile Number Portability (MNP). DiGi was first to introduce 1 Low Flat Rate, a winning proposition in an MNP environment, where users need not worry about costs of calling other networks. DiGi is in a sweet spot and will continue to be at the forefront in delivering value to customers.
10 October 2008
DiGi goes deep into the mangrove forests of Kuala Selangor
DiGi today reaffirmed its commitment to reduce its shared climate impact with the start of its first community project under the Deep Green NOW programme, The Mangrove Treasures of Kuala Selangor. Local community leaders were present to witness the launch, along with the Board of Directors from Telenor ASA Norway, led by Chairman of the Board, Harald Norvik, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & President, Jon Fredrik Baksaas.
11 September 2008
DiGi charts another industry's first with innovation beyond telecommunications
DiGi is the industry's first to allow subscribers to activate free Personal Accident (PA) insurance via their mobile phones in line with its commitment to deliver simple and creative services to its customers. Accordingly, DiGi announced that its subscribers with over three months tenure will be given free RM10,000 PA coverage insured by AIG General Insurance (Malaysia) Berhad. The service will be made available via easy SMS activation minus the hassle of complicated forms and need to deal with agents.
22 August 2008
DiGi addresses climate change through CR programme, Deep Green
DiGi announced Deep Green, its Corporate Responsibility (CR) programme that aims to reduce the company's carbon footprint towards 50% of our 2011 projected baseline of 130,000 tonnes of CO2 within 3-4 years - an aggressive ambition by any company in the ICT industry.
21 August 2008
Sigve Brekke is DiGi's new Chairman
DiGi.Com Berhad has announced the appointment of Sigve Brekke as its Chairman, and Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director with immediate effect succeeding Arve Johansen who returns to Telenor Headquarters in Norway as a special advisor to the President and CEO.
7 August 2008
DiGi appoints 3G vendor
DiGi has announced the appointment of Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as its vendor to integrate, deploy and manage its 3G network leading up to commercial launch in early 2009. Under the agreement, Huawei will supply UMTS Radio Access and Packet-Switched Core Network services and equipment, and be responsible for the design, supply, installation, integration, optimisation and maintenance of the first phase of DiGi's 3G mobile broadband network.
19 July 2008
DiGi takes creativity cross-country with Apostrophe 2
DiGi kicks off Apostrophe 2, the second phase of its creative expression platform, with its first programme called Cakap-Cakap. The first of three programmes planned for Apostrophe 2, Cakap-Cakap continues DiGi's ambition to inspire a creative community in Malaysia with programmes that encourage vibrant, non-conventional creative expressions.
10 July 2008
DiGi innovates in the postpaid market again
DiGi is strengthening its "best value" position in the postpaid market with the announcement of four (4) new Postpaid plans. Whilst continuing to focus on simplicity, DiGi is now offering customised plans that cater for different type of users, including one that offers free domestic calls and SMS.
7 May 2008
3G Spectrum transfer completed
TIME dotCom Berhad and DiGi can now execute their joint business plans to strengthen their core businesses with the successful transfer of the 3G Spectrum from TdC to DiGi today. An allotment of 27.5 million new shares to TdC was made as well in consideration for the transfer of the 3G spectrum with all its rights and benefits to DiGi.
25 February 2008
D'podCast to offer mobile podcasts from Bollywood
DiGi subscribers to D'podCast would be among the first to enjoy mobile podcasts from Bollywood top studios after an MOU was signed between TIME Broadband Services Pvt Ltd (TIME Broadband India) and Stanton Technologies today. TIME Broadband India is responsible for sourcing and provision of content from top Bollywood studios, whereby Stanton Technologies is contributing its rights to IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) to deliver the content over DiGi's D'podCast.
15 February 2008
AmAssurance partners with DiGi to sharpen competitive edge
DiGi and AmAssurance has teamed up to sharpen the competitive edge of their 4,000 life insurance agents with mobile solutions. Their first collaboration, the AmMillionnaire Challenge contest, was a huge success, attracting over 1,000 agents who can now empower themselves with access to the Internet from anywhere anytime when they sign up the DiGi's smart business package, Dynamic 100 + Data Unlimited Plan.
12 February 2008
Johan Dennelind new DiGi CEO
The Board of Directors of DiGi.Com Berhad has appointed Johan Dennelind as the company's new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He succeeds Morten Lundal, who leaves DiGi on March 31st. Johan Dennelind has earlier served as both Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in DiGi. He has also been CFO, CMO and deputy CEO of Telenor Sweden.
25 January 2008
Time dotCom, DiGi affirm tie-up
TIME dotCom Berhad (TdC) and DiGi.Com Berhad (DiGi) signed a Definitive Agreement to strengthen their respective core businesses. They affirm the scope of collaboration across several service categories and infrastructure as outlined in the Heads of Agreement of 14 November 2007.
12 August 2009
DiGi focuses on music to grow the youth market
DiGi introduced Malaysia's first web and mobile music service called DiGi Music Unlimited in a strategic move to expand its presence in the youth segment. For RM5 per month, DiGi customers can subscribe to unlimited downloads from with an extensive music library from two of the world's largest music labels, Universal Music and Sony Music.
28 July 2009
DiGi is Malaysia's most innovative company
DiGi has been recognised by Wall Street Journal Asia as Malaysia's most admired company for innovation for the third year running. The Asia 200 Most Admired Companies survey also named DiGi number three in the overall ranking of Malaysia's Top 10 companies, up a notch from last year. DiGi was listed third for the Long-term Vision category and fifth for Quality.
15 July 2009
DiGi delivers greater savings with customised plans
DiGi introduced market specific prepaid and postpaid plans that make it easier for its customers to enjoy best deals that are most relevant to their lifestyles using a segmented approach, listening closely to customers who've clearly expressed that they want more relevance and value in the products and services they need and use.
DG Family Plan brings an industry-first innovation by giving postpaid customers the flexibility to include up to three prepaid supplementary lines in their preferred family package. Customers in the same DG Family Plan account will enjoy unlimited free calls, SMS and MMS to each other anytime, anywhere in Malaysia.
DiGi Prepaid plan is designed for heavy users of voice and SMS. Customers who reach RM1 in domestic SMSes in any one day will enjoy call rates of 12 sen per minute for calls to any network, nationwide for that day (which is three times lower than the normal rate of 36 sen per minute). They can also SMS other DiGi customers at 1 sen per message.
9 June 2009
DiGi offers BlackBerry smartphones to its corporate customers
DiGi announced its corporate promotional packages for the BlackBerry® smartphones from Research In Motion (RIM) with the best BlackBerry data plan in the market at RM63 per month for unlimited e-mail and Internet access offering customers a unique mobile solution that delivers the benefits of enhanced communications and increased productivity.
4 June 2009
DiGi brings you higher insurance coverage at affordable prices
DiGi is expanding its insurance offering by giving customers the option to purchase higher value insurance coverage via easy SMS activation. Underwritten by AIG General Insurance, DiGi has introduced two additional plans on top of the free Personal Accident (PA) insurance which will continue to be offered to DiGi customers.
19 March 2009
DiGi redefines real value in broadband
DiGi launched its broadband service with a clear promise of value and quality internet to the people to set right customer experience and expectations. The emphasis is about getting it right for the customers with meaningful differences to make broadband nicer. DiGi is challenged to be the initiator of change in the broadband market the same way they did in voice.
16 March 2009
DiGi and Microsoft offer Malaysia's only integrated Instant Messaging mobile service
DiGi and Microsoft have started offering Windows Live Messenger (IM) to DiGi subscribers with a free two-month trial. DiGi subscribers can now enjoy chatting with their family and friends via IM. They can access the service via mobile phones apart from desktop PCs, smartphones and PDAs. Customers would also have unlimited chat services for free as part of a promotion over the next two months. They only need to pay a nominal flat rate of RM3 per month with no additional charges after the free trial period. All they have to do is SMS "MSN" to 2016 and follow the instructions on the screen.
20 February 2009
DiGi continues to build momentum with its innovative enhancements towards customer service for its premium value customers. By 9 March 2009, DiGi Priority Service will be offering personalised service assistance for both postpaid and prepaid customers. DiGi wishes to continue to generate great feedback from our customer base. Looking to the future, DiGi is focused on driving innovative service as a key part of our value proposition in an increasingly competitive market.
11 February 2009
DiGi mobilizes the web for future growth
DiGi announced its foray into the online space with the launch of mySimplifieds (, a classifieds portal to cement its strategy to expand beyond telecommunications services and stay on the pulse of its customers. The concept was coined to reflect DiGi's innovation and promise of simplicity. Aptly named, mySimplifieds, it was set up in partnership with a local content developer, Kasatria Technologies Sdn Bhd with a clear goal of creating a truly functional and easy-to-use service for Malaysian web and mobile users. It is a platform where people can meet online to buy and sell or simply browse.
5 February 2009
Share your feelings with Music Telegram
DiGi launches its latest music service, Music Telegram™. DiGi's Music Telegram™ allows customers to send mobile content such as full music track or ringtones as a gift to their family and friends' mobile phones. They can send their 'telegram' requests online at or through DiGi WAP music portal.
14 December 2010
TIME Selects DiGi's as Fibre Provider in RM139 Million Deal
TIME dotCom Berhad selects DiGi as one of its fibre partners to provide high-speed backhaul capacity to support its rapid growth in mobile data and voice services. The collaboration is the first peninsular-wide deployment of a full optical switched fibre network to support mobile backhaul traffic.
11 November 2010
DiGi iPhone users enjoys unlimited music downloads with DiGiMusic Play app
DiGi introduces Malaysia's first iPhone app that offers unlimited legal music downloads. This is in partnership with Universal Music and Sony Music, two of the world's largest music labels.
19 October 2010
DiGi engages Youth on environmental conservation at Eco Film Fest 2010
DiGi and students from 10 local universities hosts the Yellow Green Shack bazaar; an eco-friendly recycling initiative encouraging the buying of previously owned goods. DiGi's support for the Eco Film Fest 2010 is part of the Company's commitment to engage with its external stakeholders to enhance environmental consciousness and together with them, help reduce its shared climate impact.
2 October 2010
DiGi's virtual platform for Green Enthusiasts
DiGi under the Deep Green programme, launches a new, refreshed Deep Green aggregator site today - an interactive communication tool to help establish better communication and idea sharing amongst the green community in Malaysia.
25 September 2010
DiGi Business on a "flying" start via new media
DiGi turns to social networking website, Facebook, to reward corporate professionals with a once-in-a-lifetime experience as the "sexy" main prize to a month long marketing campaign.
1 September 2010
DiGi partners Etiqa to offer Syariah-based Protection plans
DiGi enters into a partnership with Etiqa Takaful Berhad to provide DiGi customers with Takaful offerings via easy SMS activation.
12 August 2010
DiGi Postpaid Customers Enjoys Greater Rewards with BonusLink
DiGi enhances its rewards programme for loyal customers via a new partnership with BonusKad Loyalty Sdn Bhd.
10 August 2010
DiGi Kicks Off 2nd Edition of Deep Green Challenge for Change
DiGi launches Deep Green Challenge for Change 2010 - a competition for Malaysians and students of all institutes of higher learning to showcase the best GreenTech and Social Venture Ideas. Challenge for Change is aligned with DiGi's Deep Green programme which addresses energy efficiency within the company's business, and broader areas of sustainability with related stakeholders.
20 July 2010
DiGi brings iPhone 4 to Malaysia
DiGi introduces availability of iPhone 4, the thinnest smartphone in the world with the highest resolution display ever built into a phone.
10 June 2010
Celcom and DiGi Signs MoU for Advanced Network Collaboration
Celcom Axiata Berhad and DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd announce plans to explore long-term network and infrastructure collaboration in Malaysia. The Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") signing between Celcom, DiGi, and their respective major shareholders Axiata Group Berhad ("Axiata") and Telenor Asia Pte Ltd ("Telenor") will focus on three collaborative areas, namely operations and maintenance, transmission and site sharing, and radio access network.
4 June 2010
DiGi Brings First Mobile WiFi Device
DiGi announces the availability of Mobile WiFi, the first of its kind in Malaysia. Best known as MiFi, it can have five (5) different WiFi enabled devices to connect to the Internet simultaneously via WiFi connection.
7 April 2010
Henrik Clausen appointed CEO in DiGi
DiGi announces the appointment of Henrik Clausen as the company's new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding Johan Dennelind who leaves DiGi on May 17th.
31 March 2010
DiGi Brings iPhone to Malaysia on 31 March
DiGi announces it will offer iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G in Malaysia beginning today, with a range of 3G tariff plans tailored for iPhone customers.
9 March 2010
Malaysian universities successfully develops innovative energy solutions with DiGi
Challenge for Change, a competition organised by DiGi inspiring young Malaysians to discover new, meaningful and innovative renewable energy solutions, drew to a close today with the announcement of the winning teams at the finale.
5 February 2010
DiGi broadens mobile internet footprint
DiGi further broadens its Turbo 3G™ network by making mobile internet services available in Ipoh, Perak and Kuching, Sarawak. The company announces a RM100 million to support its rapid expansion in both states over the next three years.
28 January 2010
DiGi launches first Community Broadband Centre in Lundu
DiGi opens its first Community Broadband Centre (CBC) located in Lundu, in a ceremony officiated by the Minister of Information, Communications and Culture, Yang Berhormat Dato' Seri Utama Rais Yatim.
04 November 2011
DiGi delivers record-high YoY revenue growth
DiGi records total revenue growth of 12.5% over the corresponding quarter last year, resulting in total revenues of RM1.52 billion.
15 November 2011
Launch of DiGi CyberSAFE Programme
DiGi in collaboration with the Ministry of Education Malaysia, CyberSecurity Malaysia, and Childline Malaysia launches the DiGi CyberSAFE Programme, a nationwide outreach campaign aimed at raising the awareness of child safety on the Internet.
08 December 2011
DiGi pioneers industry standards with the launch of Malaysia's first green data center
DiGi strengthens its commitment to green its business with the launch of its Technology Operations Centre (TOC), the first green data centre in Malaysia with the Provisional Gold Certification from the Green Building Index (GBI), Malaysia's green rating tool for buildings.
4 October 2011
DiGi offers family-friendly internet experience with McAfee
DiGi takes a proactive step in ensuring the younger generation is protected from harmful elements online. As part of DiGi's on-going campaign, Internet For All, it is advocating initiatives to address online child safety to the younger generation.
28 September 2011
DiGi and MY Evolution collaborate to launch Malaysia's first M2M MVNO service
DiGi and MY Evolution introduces Malaysia's first Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service. The new service enables communication for machines and devices using DiGi's network.
8 September 2011
DiGi announces share split and capital management initiatives
In a move to improve the trading liquidity of its shares in the market, DiGi.Com Berhad announces that its Board of Directors has approved a 1-for-10 share split, which will result in a proportional increase in the number of DiGi shares in circulation from the current 777.5 million shares to 7.775 billion shares.
16 August 2011
DiGi launches Malaysia's first telco prepaid card
DiGi launches Malaysia's first telco-branded prepaid payment card, the DiGi Simple MasterCard. In collaboration with Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad and MasterCard International, the new offering is the first convenient and secure cashless payment card in the market to offer telco benefits.
12 July 2011
DiGi pays tribute to 16 of Malaysia's Favourites at the WWWoW Awards Event Finale
DiGi reveals 16 of Malaysia's Favourite Netizens at the DiGi WWWoW Awards Event Finale, in an extravaganza bringing together some of the big players in the Malaysian Internet scene under one roof.
7 July 2011
DiGi collaborates with Chartis to introduce DiGi Travel Protection Plan
DiGi in partnership with Chartis Malaysia Insurance Berhad launches DiGi Travel Protection Plan - a basic travel insurance that offers coverage for medical expenses due to illness, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation due to accident and baggage delay for its customers.
6 May 2011
Largest Petition Banner to Facebook unveiled in bid to make Malaysia the Facebook Capital of the World
DiGi organises a grassroots movement to petition Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg acknowledge Malaysia as the official "Facebook Capital of the World", in response to an international TNS survey that identified Malaysians with the most Facebook friends.
29 April 2011
DiGi modernises network to support data business
DiGi announces network modernisation initiatives, that will accelerate coverage and deliver higher speed, capacity, reliability and quality of service.
28 April 2011
DiGi appoints ZTE to deploy LTE-ready network
DiGi announces the appointment of ZTE Corporation to build a unified mobile network that will provide DiGi with fully transformed 2G/3G/4G network starting third quarter this year.
24 March 2011
DiGi co-brands Opera Mini to drive higher mobile internet penetration
DiGi drives higher mobile internet penetration by partnering with the world's leading web browser developer, Opera Software, to become the first Malaysian mobile operator to co-brand Opera Mini. The non-smartphone users among DiGi customers will enjoy the full mobile internet experience at a faster and cheaper rate through the DiGi-Opera Mini browser.
18 January 2011
Celcom and DiGi pioneer extensive network sharing in Malaysia
Celcom Axiata Berhad and DiGi sign a network collaboration agreement that will pave the way for the two leading operators in Malaysia to join forces to deploy a cohesive network.
12 January 2012
DiGi ranked Top Performer in Malaysia by Carbon Disclosure Project 2011
DiGi ranks No.1 in Malaysia in the recent Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) 2011 report, recognized for integrating its carbon disclosure and reduction activities as a key part of its business strategy. It also ranks No. 5 in Asia, excluding the ‘Japan-India-China-Korea' category.
16 January 2012
DiGi becomes first in Malaysia to offer free mobile surfing via DiGiLive Zero
DiGi develops a special portal, DiGiLIVE Zero to encourage more people across Malaysia to enjoy mobile internet for free when surfing on the Opera Mini browser. This makes DiGi the first mobile operator in Malaysia to offer free mobile surfing via Opera Mini to selected sites every month.
19 January 2012
DiGi records solid growth and strengthens internet foothold in 2011
DiGi finishes strong in 2011, with mobile data revenues exceeding 30% of the Group's overall service revenues in the fourth quarter of 2011. The Group sustained top line growth across 2011 with revenue for the year improving by 10.3% to RM6.0 billion, while EBITDA was RM2.8 billion, at a margin of 46.4%.
09 March 2012
DiGi Simple Card wins 'Everyday Merchant of the Year' MasterCard Award
DiGi’s Simple MasterCard, Malaysia’s first telco-branded prepaid payment card wins  the 'Everyday Merchant of the Year' award at the MasterCard Hall of Fame Awards 2011. DiGi is one of  four Malaysian companies to receive the award this year.
09 March 2012
DiGi wins the Highest Excellence Award at the Europa Awards 2011
DiGi receives the Highest Excellence Award by a European investor in Malaysia at the Europa Awards 2011. Organized by the EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI), the award is given to a European Company who has invested in Malaysia and shown exemplary business excellence.
21 March 2012
Brand Finance recognizes DiGi as Malaysia's Most Valuable Telecom Brand  
DiGi has been recognised as Malaysia's Most Valuable Telecom Brand in the Brand FinanceTelecom 500. With a brand value of US$760 million (RM2.3 billion), DiGi is the only telco brand in Malaysia and in the ASEAN region to be given an AA brand rating.
25 April 2012
DiGi registers close to 10% growth in Q1-2012
DiGi maintains solid revenue growth of 9.6% in the first quarter of 2012 compared to the same quarter last year, mainly driven by data revenue which accounted for close to 31% of total revenue. This growth comes on the back of continued momentum in its business transformation programme that will bring the Company closer towards enabling access to the internet for more Malaysians.
10 May 2012
Malaysia's Internet Sensations Battle it out for DiGi WWWOW Internet for All Awards
Malaysia's top talents in video, social media, digital content and web commerce battle it out for the coveted DiGi WWWOW Awards.
21 May 2012
DiGi is first in Malaysia to deliver Wikipedia Zero
DiGi customers become the first in Malaysia to enjoy free mobile surfing when accessing Wikipedia Zero on the DiGiLive Zero portal. This initiative to drive relevant mobile content among Malaysians is a result of a global partnership between Telenor Group and Wikimedia Foundation.
31 May 2012
DiGi becomes first in Malaysia to offer prepaid plan tailored for smartphone users
DiGi introduces a new prepaid plan, the DG Prepaid Smart Plan for smartphone users. The new prepaid plan joins the DG Smart Plan family of bundled services, targeting consumers who prefer a more data-rich package with worry-free plans and value-for-money services for their smartphones.
10 July 2012
DiGi and Maybank launches DiGi SendMoney
DiGi and Maybank announces the launch of DiGi SendMoney, a new over-the-counter remittance service that will enable Malaysians and migrants alike to remit cash to nine countries across Asia.
23 July 2012
DiGi maintains strong growth momentum in Q2 2012
DiGi records revenues of RM1.580 billion in period under review, mainly driven by growth in data revenues which now makes up more than 30% of its total service revenue.
03 August 2012
DiGi management team takes Roaming Services to the next level
Senior management at DiGi becomes Ambassadors of its International Roaming services. This is in line with DiGi's ongoing "Don't Worry. Roam DiGi." campaign to encourage more customers to "Take Your Internet with You" and roam worry-free with the best rates for unlimited Internet roaming, phone calls and SMS in over 185 countries.
28 August 2012
14,000 new electronic payment touch points nationwide for DiGi customers
DiGi offers greater convenience to all its Prepaid and Postpaid customers by expanding and upgrading its electronic flexible payment platform infrastructure to 14,000 new customer touch points nationwide. These touch points go live effective today, enabling greater reach and support to customers who reside in rural and suburban areas in Malaysia.
04 September 2012
DiGi gets more aggressive in the Prepaid market
DiGi is delivering on its promise to provide Internet For All by introducing a refreshed product proposition for its Prepaid customers. DiGi® Easy Prepaid enables customers to enjoy 24-hour FREE calls, SMS and Facebook access.
01 October 2012
DiGi offers most affordable tablet plans in Malaysia
DiGi offers the most affordable tablet plans for Postpaid customers, living up to its ambition to deliver Internet For All. It is also in line with the government's nation building exercise to make mobile broadband more affordable to all consumers.
22 October 2012
First Malaysian telco to partner with WhatsApp
DiGi becomes the first mobile operator in Malaysia to partner with WhatsApp Inc., the world's leading mobile messaging application developer. In line with DiGi's mission to deliver Internet For All, both parties are collaborating to offer an exclusive package for customers to enjoy unlimited WhatsApp Messenger services.
23 October 2012
DiGi sees positive momentum in the uptake of Mobile Internet services
DiGi continues to see positive momentum in the uptake of Mobile Internet services from a larger mix of smartphone users on its network, which now accounts for close to 25% of its total customer base.
19 November 2012
DiGiLIVE Webpass and DiGi Facebook USSD services to help drive Mobile Internet penetration
DiGi continues to drive higher Mobile Internet penetration with the unveiling of the new DiGiLIVE Webpass, a new Mobile Internet offering accessed via the Opera Mini browser and its Facebook USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) service.
28 November 2012
DiGi's Challenge for Change spotlights good ideas to bring Malaysians together for positive change
DiGi launches the fourth edition of its annual DiGi Challenge for Change on this date. This year's programme focuses on challenging Malaysians to develop innovative ideas for mobile applications that bring Malaysians together for positive change, while introducing for the first time the Prime Minister's Innovation Award.
7 December 2012
DiGizens hit KL Streets with WWW Internet for All celebrations
DiGi celebrates its annual year-end event with 1,400 DiGizens painting downtown Kuala Lumpur yellow in a celebration themed WWW Internet For All. The event saw gatherings in two KL hot spots, namely Bukit Bintang and Kota Raya to engage with customers and spread the word about DiGi's year-end Jualan Internet 2x Ganda sale.
06 February 2013
Mobile Internet drives DiGi's continued growth in Q4 2012
DiGi reports solid growth in the fourth quarter of 2012, driven by continued good uptake of Mobile Internet services, fuelling the Company to a strong finish in 2012. For the year under review, Mobile Internet customers increased from 5.2 million to 5.7 million, with mobile data revenues accounting for 32.7% of the Group's overall service revenues.
25 February 2013
DiGi collaborates with Twitter
DiGi collaborates with global real-time information network provider, Twitter and becomes the firstMalaysian telco to offer FREE Twitter via the DiGi-Opera Mini browser.
04 March 2013
DiGi partners with global Internet players to drive Mobile Internet adoption
DiGi works with global Internet players - Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Opera Softwareto create a new DG SmartPlan™ with a better Internet experience offered at the best value.
18 March 2013
DiGi bridges efficiency and fun with Evernote Premium bundling
DiGi works with US-based Evernote to provide customers a user-friendly suite of premium applications to be more organised for work, study and leisure.
27 March 2013
DiGi and Skype collaborate to provide exclusive offer
DiGi works with Skype to offer free Skype Credit to DiGi customers as part of its on-going efforts to deliver a richer Internet experience. Effective 1 April 2013, DiGi will be the first Malaysian telco to offer free Skype Credit to new and existing customers.
18 April 2013
First Malaysian telco to bundle a global music streaming service
DiGi announces partnership with global music streaming service, Deezer, as part of its on-going strategy to drive Mobile Internet lifestyle by enriching customers' mobile experience with relevant digital services.
23 April 2013
Solid momentum from Mobile Internet revenue drives DiGi's growth in Q1 2013
DiGi records higher revenue of RM1,647 million in the first quarter of 2013, up 5% compared to the same period last year. This was driven by Mobile Internet revenue which grew 55% year-on-year, from a larger base of 5.8 million Mobile Internet customers, including 3.0 million smartphone users.
05 July 2013
DiGi 4G LTE is now available at selected locations in Klang Valley
DiGi takes the next step in delivering Internet For All by introducing DiGi 4G LTE today. Covering selected high traffic locations in the Klang Valley, DiGi 4G LTE is now available to all new and existing customers who subscribe to specific DiGi Broadband and Tablet Plans.
01 January 2014
Coming soon.