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a picture speaks louder than words - DiGi customers able to send picture messages

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DiGi caters to increasing market demands for compelling mobile multimedia services

Kuala Lumpur, August 27 2003 - DiGi's pre- and postpaid customers will be able to send colour pictures, animated images and text through their mobile phones, using the new Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), from August 29th onwards.

Dubbed as the next-generation's mobile messaging service, DiGi's MMS empowers customers to tailor their messages with colour images and portray a special moment in time, share emotions and highlight personal triumphs, be it for a business or social purpose. With their MMS phones, customers can take pictures of themselves and their families, add a text and then send it to another MMS compatible mobile phone or to any email address.

Speaking at the launch of the service, DiGi's Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Tore Johnsen said, "Having pioneered prepaid mobile services in Malaysia, we have always taken the lead in introducing innovative and value for money products and services for our prepaid customers. Today, we create another milestone as we will be the first telco in the country to introduce MMS on both the pre- and postpaid platforms"

Mr. Johnsen continued, "Mobile data is already a firm reality if you look at what has happened to the market for SMS. It has stunned the industry with its huge popularity and rapid growth. In the first quarter of this year, the industry recorded more than a billion SMS messages. On a monthly basis, DiGi alone carries about 70 million SMS messages across its network and the volume keeps growing. MMS looks like it may move even faster once it gathers momentum, offering customers a complete next-generation messaging experience."

By year end, DiGi expects to reach between 30-35% of the MMS market and the telco hopes to make available more advanced and enhanced MMS applications and solutions for its customers in time to come.

DiGi's MMS is offered on its GPRS pipeline and will ultimately be on DiGi's Enhanced Data for Global Evolution (EDGE) technology when it is made available early next year, offering more capacity and broader bandwidth which enables faster rates of data transfer than are currently available in Malaysia.

DiGi's MMS can support up to a maximum of 60kb per multimedia message. The speed for MMS sent could be parallel to an email message and almost instantaneous.

To be able to enjoy this service, DiGi customers are advised to call in to DiGi's customer service at 016 221 1800, who will be responsible to activate the service.

With a sole aim of educating its 2 million customers on MMS, DiGi's customers will not be charged for the MMS messages they send, the value of which is RM1 for each MMS. There will also be no charges for registration, monthly fees or for GPRS. Upon launch, free MMS contents are made available to subscribers via the Multimedia Library (MML) at the DiGi website ( This promotion will last until the end of 2003.

"Education and awareness are essential for any new product or service to fully take off. This has led us not to impose a charge for our MMS service to enable our customers to enjoy this easy-to-use service and at the same time familiarise themselves with it, as it enables messages to be personalised and sent quickly from their handsets," commented Mr. Johnsen.

As part of DiGi's initiatives to create awareness on MMS, there will be a road show organised at the concourse of Kuala Lumpur Plaza from August 29th to September 1st. DiGi has lined up a list of MMS-related activities. DiGi will showcase Motorola's solution of capturing that special moment in camera and having it printed on Epson solution. Camera phones from Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Siemens and Nokia with DiGi's MMS will also be displayed and visitors will have the opportunity to test out these phones and participate in some fun MMS games. In addition, MMS compatible mobile phones will be sold at affordable rates during the road show. DiGi customers who want to activate their MMS service are also welcomed to do so at the event.

Mr. Johnsen further emphasized that critical success factors for MMS is industry-wide cooperation and collaboration. "We want to forge partnerships with companies that are constantly looking for new ways to provide high quality content. We want win-win interoperability arrangements that will grow the MMS market and build a vibrant mobile multimedia industry for Malaysia," explained Mr. Johnsen.

DiGi is currently working with content providers to expand its MMS service offerings and in time to come DiGi customers can expect to send audio clips with their picture message and graphs for business purposes.

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DiGi, with its core philosophy of It's About You, is a telco that listens to its customers and tailors its services to suit their lifestyles - services that are meaningful and relevant, enhancing the way they live, work and play. DiGi is the first telco to launch the prepaid concept for mobile services in Malaysia and till today, DiGi Prepaid PlusTMTM remains the market leader. DiGi is also the first telco in Malaysia to launch a cost-saving postpaid mobile service to suit the different usage and lifestyle patterns of the customers of today in line with full deregulation.

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