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DiGi puts total flexibility into reloads

Prepaid users can increase their credit by any amount above RM5, and share RM3 talktime among prepaid users

Kuala Lumpur, 25 October 2004: - Industry innovators in prepaid communications, DiGi today introduced two first-of-its-kind prepaid services aimed at keeping customers always in credit, thus transforming conventional reload methods and redefining the mobile prepaid landscape in the country. Called Flexi e-load and Talktime Transfer, these products have different functions, but facilitate the process of reloading, offering greater convenience and flexibility to customers.

Flexi e-load allows DiGi prepaid customers to reload their credit at a dealer by any amount above RM5 such as RM5, RM6, RM7 and any odd figure whereas before they could do so only in fixed denominations of RM10, RM30, RM50, or RM100.

Talktime Transfer (TT), meanwhile, is an emergency 'sharing' solution which enables those who cannot get to a dealer when credit is running out and needs to make emergency calls. This service allows a fixed micro denomination of RM3 to transfer into their accounts directly from family or friends who are also DiGi prepaid customers.

"Both Flexi e-load and Talktime Transfer serves to enhance the customer experience, an approach that brings subscribers, dealers and DiGi together in a win-win relationship," said Morten Lundal, Chief Executive Officer of DiGi.

"The services facilitate the reloading of prepaid accounts, thus ensuring our customers always have credit and are never out of touch, In other words, these services help DiGi prepaid customers stay connected no matter where they are," he added.

With the increasing intense competition in the mobile communications market, DiGi's introduction of these new prepaid services is set to benefit its close to three million prepaid customers. Currently, there are about ten million prepaid customers in the country and DiGi's introduction of these new features puts the telco ahead of its competitors and provides the telco an opportunity to further enhance its prepaid customer base in the country's RM18 billion worth mobile phone market.

"Over the years, DiGi's prepaid customers have enjoyed huge advances with our prepaid service and the introduction of these two features today is another step in our journey towards offering total flexibility for a fuller mobile communications experience," stressed Mr. Lundal.

Flexi e-load

The first of its kind in Malaysia, flexi e-load revolutionises the whole process of reloading prepaid cards by changing the previously pin-based mechanism to a virtual system. The flexibility of the amount that can be credited into an account is expected to be particularly popular among the newest band of mobile users, namely the young.

Using flexi e-load, prepaid customers can inject any amount they like above RM5, for example even RM6 or RM 18. In addition, the process is much faster than the pin based method, because there is no need to scratch any plastic card to obtain the reload pin number.

Flexi e-load is advantageous to dealers as it saves them from the hassle of keeping a stock of pin cards, which occupies physical space, can get lost or damaged, and which demands time and effort to keep track of in terms of their inventories. In other words, e-load is a win-win product for both our customers and dealers.

Flexi e-load will be made commercially available at selected DiGi dealers in the Klang Valley and Seremban from October 29th onwards. Customers from the rest of Malaysia will have access to it by year end. Dealer outlets that offer this service will carry easy-to-spot yellow DiGi Flexi e-load stickers.

Services similar to e-load have been introduced in other Asian countries, such as the Philippines and Indonesia, where they have increased substantially the subscriber base of the telco providing the convenient and flexible service.

Talktime transfer (TT)

Talktime Transfer is available for DiGi's prepaid customers nationwide from today onwards. The minimum amount a DiGi prepaid user can transfer is RM3 and the transferee has to utilise this amount within a two-day period. In order for a successful transaction, the transferor has to have a minimum of RM20 in his or her credit. To transfer, the customers are required to either dial 128# for info access on the handset, or go to customer service online at Customers are required to have a minimum airtime or RM20 to be able to perform the transaction and there is a minimal 15 sen cost charged to each transferor and transferee for every transaction.

Besides offering DiGi prepaid customers an opportunity to share their prepaid balance, with their friends and family in case of emergencies and special occasions, DiGi also expects this service to be popular among users who can now give away their talk-time credit rather than forfeit it when the validity of their balance runs out.

TT is also particularly reassuring for parents, who can feel comforted by the fact that their children need never be in a situation where they are unable to make a mobile call.

About DiGi

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