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DiGi Advances Malaysia's E-commerce Infrastructure through MOL AccessPortal Bhd Collaboration

DiGi customers are now able to reload DiGi Prepaid Plus™ and purchase chatz™ online, via

Kuala Lumpur, September 23, 2002 - In a move to promote the development of electronic commerce in Malaysia and keep a step ahead of its competitors, Malaysia's leading network service provider DiGi Telecommunications today signed a strategic agreement with MOL AccessPortal Bhd to provide an innovative online distribution service. The agreement allows DiGi's customers to reload DiGi Prepaid Plus™ and purchase chatz™, its International Calling Card.

The new service enables DiGi's customers who are registered MOL members to replenish their prepaid mobile air time credit, aptly called DiGi Prepaid Plus Cyber Reloads service, and purchase chatz at MOL's website, The method of payment for this service is via MOLePoints, which members can purchase at participating MOLePoints appointed centers nationwide. For convenient credit reloads, DiGi customers are only required to have sufficient MOLePoints in their MOL account, whereby one MOLePoint is equivalent to one sen.

For added convenience, DiGi customers who are registered MOL members can also immediately perform these services online on their own computers with Internet access, at anytime and anywhere around the world, via Alternatively, they could walk in to any of the MOLePoints Centers, currently standing at more than 130 CyberCafes strategically located throughout the country.

"Being a leading telecommunications player in the country, we need to ensure that all DiGi Prepaid Plus reloads and purchase of chatz channels are explored and are made available for our customers. Through this partnership with MOL AccessPortal Berhad today, we are establishing an e-commerce milestone in Malaysia as the first automatic online reload service available," said DiGi's Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Tore Johnsen.

"We will immediately be rolling out DiGi Prepaid Plus Cyber Reloads to 130 MOLePoints Centers out of our 2500 CyberCafes in our MOLCyberCafes network, nationwide. By July 2003, we intend to expand DiGi Prepaid Plus Cyber Reloads to 1000 of our outlets" said MOL AccessPortal Berhad's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ganesh Kumar Bangah.

"As you are aware we recently launched our Automatic International Roaming service for DiGi Prepaid Plus and we need to offer our travelling customers a convenient means of reloading their air time overseas via the website. The DiGi Prepaid Plus Cyber Reloads channel is one example of the numerous convenient and innovative reload options we have consistently developed for our customers," added Mr. Johnsen.

To replenish mobile airtime and purchase chatz, DiGi customers would have to perform the following steps:

  • Register as a MOL member via
  • Purchase MOLePoints from participating MOLePoints Centers (listed at homepage).
  • Log on at and click "MOLPrepaid".
  • Select desired reload denomination, key in your username and password and follow the instruction as stated.
  • Once a purchase is successful, customers will receive:-
    1. A message on screen
    2. An e-mail with details of the successful reload
    3. An SMS message on the mobile handset

The reload of soft pins to the destined mobile telephone is automatic through DiGi's Star Codes system, which eliminates the need for the customer to manually reload the pin number. After the purchase or reload, the customer would receive an updated message on the website to confirm the purchase and an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the purchaser. DiGi will then send an SMS on the successful reload to the destined mobile telephone.

The purchase of DiGi Prepaid Plus Cyber Reloads and chatz can be done over the counter whereby all a customer needs to do is approach a designated MOLePoints center. Once the transaction is successful, the chatz pin number will be sent to the designated e-mail address and the DiGi Prepaid Plus customers will receive a notification on the successful reload.

"Without a doubt DiGi Prepaid Plus Cyber Reloads and purchase of chatz online will play an important role in the Malaysian Internet consumer community, through ensuring secure trading for all parties involved. Our customers can conduct convenient virtual transactions as securely and easily as they would do in retail stores," explained Mr. Johnsen.

According to Ganesh, the convenience of micro payment purchases online has been very much in demand of the last couple of years. "With the introduction of DiGi Prepaid Plus Cyber Reloads and chatz, reloading your prepaid talk time has taken a new approach," he added.

The DiGi Prepaid Plus Cyber Reloads service and purchase of chatz via is the first of its kind in the country and is another example of DiGi's leadership role in advancing convenient reload mechanism channels within the local telecommunications industry.

About DiGi
DiGi, with its core philosophy of It's About You, is a telco that listens to its customers and tailors its services to suit their lifestyles - services that are meaningful and relevant, enhancing the way they live, work and play. DiGi is the first telco to launch the prepaid concept for mobile services in Malaysia and till today, DiGi remains the market leader. DiGi is also the first telco in Malaysia to launch a cost-saving postpaid mobile service to suit the different usage and lifestyle patterns of the customers of today in line with full deregulation.

With its focus on providing customer delight, DiGi offers the most comprehensive and innovative range of products and services to take its customers beyond mere satisfaction. This is reflected in its many industry-leading offerings, all of which are delivered with an exceptional standard of service that exemplifies DiGi's professionalism and commitment.

About MOL AccessPortal Berhad
MOL AccessPortal Bhd was incorporated on the 9th of February 2000 as a private limited company. MOL AccessPortal Berhad is a subsidiary of Berhad - a company listed on the First Board of the KLSE.

MOL is an Internet Media and E-Commerce company leveraging on a network of 'click and mortar' outlets with collection of payments offline. MOL focuses its activities onto two main areas - developing countries and the Generation Y age group, comprising of 15 to 30 years old, which are IT and Internet savvy.