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DiGi and Citibank Pioneer Automatic Reload Service in Malaysia

Financial services giant and Telco structured for growth as they penetrate into credit card market with a unique service for DiGi Prepaid PlusTM customers, offering ease when replenishing mobile airtime

Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday November 13 2002 - Prepaid market leader, DiGi Telecommunications today formed a strategic partnership with the world's #1 financial institution, Citibank to introduce the country's first auto reload facility for its DiGi Prepaid Plus' customers. The partnership allows DiGi Prepaid PlusTM customers to reload their mobile airtime automatically using their credit cards.

In order to enjoy this service, DiGi Prepaid PlusTM customers are required to register with Citibank or DiGi centers, located nationwide. This platform also provides DiGi the opportunity to reach out to more than two million credit card users in the country.

Commenting on the signing, DiGi's Head of Mobile, Mr. Erik Aas, said: "The prepaid service requires all necessary tools to be in place to ensure that reloads are readily made available for our customers. In view of this, it becomes our responsibility to explore all avenues, and offer our existing and potential customers convenience and flexibility when reloading. The Auto Reload is one service that is fast, efficient and gives our customers better control of their finances."

"This is an exciting new service which will enable a wider number of our customers to enjoy the benefits of hassle free and non time consuming reload service. Through this partnership with Citibank, we are able to distribute DiGi Prepaid PlusTM reloads utilizing the credit card payment mechanism that is simple, secure and error free," added Mr. Aas.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Citibank's Director, Mr. Allen Tan, said: "For Citibank, this new service represents a welcome addition to our already established list of autopay facilities. Today, Citibank offers its credit cardholders access to over 30 merchants through autopay facilities. Credit cardholders can also make their bill payments online through Citibank. In time, we anticipate this list to grow even further, permitting our cardholders easy access to an even wider range of services that complete their lifestyles."

The Auto Reload service enables DiGi Prepaid PlusTM customers to purchase the reloads via the Online Prepaid Reload System (OPRS), provided by Malaysian Online Sdn Bhd. The OPRS allows DiGi Prepaid PlusTM customers to perform automatic reload to their prepaid account by using their credit cards, which means that customers do not need to manually reload their prepaid account.

DiGi will take the necessary measures on its SICAP Prepaid System to successfully process OPRS transactions from Citibank offices and DiGi centers. OPRS is also linked closely with Certificate Authority (Visa/MasterCard) and Payment Gateway (MEPS) to ensure that all systems are in place for a secure online transaction.

To purchase the reloads via the Auto Reload service, DiGi prepaid customers who own a Citibank credit card are eligible for this service and are required to either register at DiGi Centres or with Citibank. At the same time, DiGi Prepaid PlusTM customers who are Visa or Mastercard credit cardholders from any other financial institution can register for this service at DiGi centers nationwide. By registering their prepaid mobile, customers will be required to choose the reload mode that will be given upon registration. The available DiGi Prepaid PlusTM denomination for auto reload is RM50 and RM100.

Once the customer has selected the preferred denomination, the customer's mobile phone will be automatically reloaded when their prepaid balance reaches a certain balance or the validity period of their existing reload ends. For instance, a customer who chooses to have RM50 denomination will have their balance automatically reloaded on the 48th day after their initial reload. Whereas for a customer who chooses a RM100 denomination will have his balance replenished on the 98th day after his initial reload.

The Auto Reload service will further enhance the availability of reload options for DiGi Prepaid PlusTM customers. This new service also provides them with an additional payment choice to suit their mobile needs, giving them an effective and efficient payment tool.

Explained Mr. Tan, "For our customers who currently use DiGi Prepaid PlusTM service, their lives will be made much easier with the inception of this ground breaking piece of technology. All you have to do is make one simple phone call to DiGi from anywhere in Malaysia in order to register for this service. It's easy and hassle-free! For those who are not Citibank credit card customers, we promise a quick and easy registration process that is twice as fast as normal, thanks to Citibank's efficient and speedy service levels, infrastructure and process improvements."

"We have designed this service which sets new standards in the prepaid segment. We are confident it will positively contribute towards the acceptance of electronic payment mechanism and further strengthen DiGi's leadership position for prepaid in the country," added Mr. Aas.

The introduction of the Auto Reload Service for DiGi Prepaid PlusTM customers is in line with the company's overall strategy to provide convenience when reloading, which is an important element for a prepaid service. DiGi has constantly looked at expanding its reload distribution channels which has resulted in the telco owning and having the largest distribution channel of reloads in the country.

Affirming its philosophy of providing relevant products and services, DiGi has always looked into ways to enhance the service offerings for DiGi Prepaid PlusTM to make it more attractive and appealing to existing and potential customers. Some of the features that were added include the Automatic International Roaming service for traveling customers and a comprehensive loyalty programme, known as Your DiGi to give DiGi Prepaid PlusTM customers value added benefits to enjoy when utilizing the service. Furthermore, DiGi Prepaid PlusTM also recently introduced GPRS, making it the only prepaid service in the country and in Asia to have this technology.

"Understanding that our customers' mobile needs change all the time, we will endeavour to introduce more exciting and compelling features for DiGi Prepaid PlusTM in time to come," stressed Mr. Aas.

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