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Discover from DiGi

New service from DiGi to attract wider segment of the SMI market and to bolster its competitiveness in this segment

Kuala Lumpur, January 6 2004 - In a move to cater to increasing demands of the Small Medium Size Industry business customers, DiGi today unveiled a practical, cost-savings and simple mobile service, called discover.

"Two plans are offered under discover, which are discover prime and discover classic. Both plans offer SMIs simple and straightforward mobile communications solutions, boasting affordable monthly fees and providing a one flat-rate tariff plan across the nation," explained DiGi's Head of Mobile, Mr. Erik Aas.

"The SMI industry is fast-growing and form a strong backbone of the country's economic landscape. In this regard, providing them with practical and cost-saving solutions for the enhancement of their business and to increase their efficiency is essential.

"Furthermore, discover also gives us an opportunity to gain access to new market segments and to further tap into this sector. At the same time we are working in line with the government's aim to provide SMIs with the necessary tools that will further compliment their growth in the country," stressed Mr. Aas.

Under discover prime, customers will enjoy a flat rate of RM0.20 per minute for calls to other mobile operator's and fixed line numbers within Malaysia, with a reasonable RM50 monthly fee. Meanwhile discover classic offers a flat rate of RM0.25 for calls made across the nation with an affordable RM30 as monthly fee.

In addition, both plans offer a 30% discount on IDD calls and the same discount is also provided for calls to 016 numbers. In keeping with its simplicity feature, discover also does not impose a fee for the itemized billing facility. SMIs who register for either one of these plans will automatically be offered the basic SMS, voicemail, GPRS, IDD WAP data and MMS facilities.

To further help SMIs in deciding an appropriate plan and to answer all queries, a dedicated Helpdesk with multilingual capability has been set up by DiGi. The number to call for this is 016-2998888.

"Being a mobile communications provider who understands our customers' requirements, discover also provides SMIs with an appropriate solution, delivered with an exceptional standard of service that will bring new dimensions to their businesses," added Mr. Aas.

Discover has been especially tailor-made to accommodate the various background of the SMI customers, especially where cost-savings is an important element in their decision making process. In that this postpaid package comprises a charging structure which is one-rate throughout the country, further diminishing call rates which cover all local, adjacent and non adjacent areas and peak and non peak periods.

"Discover not only boasts one of the most competitive pricing structure for a mobile service available in the country, but also supports DiGi's overall strategy of becoming the mobile communications service provider of choice for the SMI segment through the delivery of high standards of quality and service they expect," said Mr. Aas.

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