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DiGi Telecommunications and GHL Systems Launch First Prepaid Reload Mechanism without Prepaid Reload C

Agreement sealed to allow DiGi Prepaid customers replenish mobile airtime at 500 GHL terminals strategically located nationwide

Kuala Lumpur,July 24, 2001 - Leading telecommunications industry player, DiGi Telecommunications and MSC status software development company specialising in payment solutions, GHL Systems Sdn Bhd today launched a prepaid reload service that does not require any physical prepaid reload coupons or PIN numbers.

Uniquely called Whoops!, the service is the first of its kind in the country and is a solution that allows prepaid customers to reload their mobile airtime at GHL's Electronic Data Capture (EDC) terminals located at 500 outlets throughout the country. Some of the participating outlets include petrol kiosks, pharmacies, camera equipment and photography shops as well as groceries and convenience shops.

To reload a prepaid mobile phone via this service, DiGi's customers can go to any authorized outlet displaying the Whoops! acceptance logo.

DiGi's Chief Operating Officer, Tore Johnsen said, "Through this partnership with GHL we will achieve yet another milestone, and be the first telecommunications company in the country to offer prepaid reloads without the use of PINS or cards."

"The Whoops! service is a solution that enables us to offer customers the convenience of replenishing prepaid mobile airtime at any Whoops! terminal," explained Mr. Johnsen.

DiGi Telecommunications & GHL Systems Launch First Prepaid Reload Mechanism Without Prepaid Reload Cards or PIN numbers

"GHL Systems' Whoops! service is not only convenient and user-friendly, it also has an added security feature which ensures that the prepaid value purchased by DiGi's customers is always attached to the mobile number specified upfront by the customers." added Mr. Alex Tay, Executive Director of GHL Systems.

To replenish mobile airtime at a designated Whoops! retail outlet, DiGi's prepaid customers only need to follow these 3 simple steps :

  • Provide the DiGi prepaid mobile phone number to be reloaded to the Whoops! retailer.
  • Select a reload denomination of RM50 or RM 100 (customers may pay by cash or credit card)
  • Wait for DiGi's reload SMS notification and reset the mobile phone (switch it off, and on) to update the credit display.

Once the customer has completed the above steps, a receipt containing details of the transaction will be generated by the Whoops! terminal - the customer will not be issued any reload PIN numbers.

Upon completion of the transaction, customers will receive an SMS message from Whoops! acknowledging the reload and another from DiGi to notify them of the reload amount that will be activated.

"Once the reload transaction has been completed, the Whoops!' system will automatically activate the prepaid airtime for DiGi's customers, without him having to call the mobile operator's helpdesk. This further simplifies and shortens the reload process for DiGi's subscribers," explained Mr. Tay.

DiGi Telecommunications & GHL Systems Launch First Prepaid Reload Mechanism Without Prepaid Reload Cards or PIN numbers

Currently, GHL's Service Managers are aggressively promoting this service and recruiting retailers from various retail categories nationwide. To date, GHL has received good response from retailers, resulting in the rapid growth of Whoops! outlets within a short period of time.

"DiGi's decision to introduce such a service was driven by the excitement of the wireless world, the proliferation of handheld devices and the increased dependence on mobile services. As always and in the future, our customers, can be assured that all our initiatives will be based on offerings and solutions that will add value to them and keep them connected to their world," added Mr. Johnsen.

About DiGi

DiGi, with its core philosophy of "Connecting You to Your World", is a telco that listens to its customers and tailors its services to suit their lifestyles - services that are meaningful and relevant, enhancing the way they live, work and play. DiGi is the first telco to launch the prepaid concept for mobile services in Malaysia and till today remains the market leader. DiGi is also the first telco in Malaysia to launch a revolutionary and cost-saving postpaid mobile service to suit the different usage and lifestyle patterns of the customers of today in line with full deregulation.

With its unwavering focus on providing customer-delight, DiGi offers the most comprehensive and innovative range of products and services to take its customers beyond mere satisfaction. This is reflected in its many industry-leading offerings, all of which are delivered with and exceptional standard of service that best exemplifies DiGi's professionalism and commitment to their customers nationwide.

DiGi Telecommunications & GHL Systems Launch First Prepaid Reload Mechanism Without Prepaid Reload Cards or PIN numbers

About GHL Systems

GHL Systems Sdn.Bhd was formed as a subsidiary of GHL Technologies Sdn Bhd in 1998. Within a short timeframe, this dynamic information technology provider grew from its origins as an in-house trading software developer to become the leading payment service provider in Malaysia. Today, GHL Systems is widely recognized as a pioneer in SET online payment solutions and a market leader for virtual and physical payment applications.

With its proven performance record in successfully developing and implementing solutions such as BP's EZ Card Loyalty Program (Malaysia and Singapore), PayDirect Online Payment Hosting service, implementing SET Certificate Authority solution locally as well as other SET payment systems in Asia Pacific, GHL Systems is well poised to address the prepaid mobile reload demands through Whoops!