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"Star Codes" for DiGi Prepaid Plus Reloads

DiGi pioneers faster, user-friendly and attractive reload method to top up prepaid credit with new service

Kuala Lumpur, September 10, 2001 - DiGi Telecommunications today launched nationwide an alternative reload method using a new interactive medium called "Star Codes" to reload prepaid credit for its DiGi Prepaid Plus customers.

Promising a faster and more efficient delivery of DiGi Prepaid Plus reloads to customers, Star Codes is an alternative prepaid reload method to the current method via the Interactive Voice Recall (IVR) service. The method utilises the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) medium to reload using short numerical codes. Customers can reload their own 016 Prepaid Plus mobile phones or reload for another 016 Prepaid Plus mobile number.

"Creating another breakthrough for the telecommunications industry, reloading using the Star Codes method reduces the dependency on upgrading IVR ports to accommodate the growth in customer numbers. The method provides a more appropriate solution when numeric data or when speed access is an important consideration," explained Mr. Tore Johnsen, DiGi's Chief Operating Officer.

With the Star Codes method in place, customers now have 2 options of activating their prepaid reloads - reloading via calling the IVR number (016 299 1800) is still available as an alternative. A reload in this manner just takes a few seconds to activate the reload process in comparison to the average two minutes on the IVR system. The method is also a simplified reload interface as the customer can easily submit the secret number of the reload coupon from their own mobile phone.

Furthermore, this system reduces customers' error in keying in the wrong reload PIN numbers or mobile numbers because they are able to visually confirm that the correct digits are keyed with the appearance of text based interface.

The Star Codes method requires customers to enter the code *123*, followed by the 14 digit reload number and the # sign. Customers can obtain the 14 digit reload number at more than 6,500 outlets nationwide. Once this is completed and is considered a successful validated reload, the customer will receive a message from DiGi via SMS, to update his or her balance.

In comparison with IVR, Star Codes will also be a cost-effective measure for DiGi as there will be reduced IVR investments. With this system, DiGi will not spend in extending IVR capacity when there is an increase of Prepaid Plus reloads. Customers can reload with the Star Codes method instead.

In future, customers will be able to utilize Star Codes as a fast and convenient way of accessing other DiGi services such as djuice, DiGi Mobile Downloads and DiGi Mobile Dedications.

"The introduction of this innovative service is in sync with our prepaid strategy to enhance our product. In this respect, we will be concentrating on segment packaging to penetrate new niche markets, developing lifestyle and interactive value added services, and partnering world-class lifestyle brands to deliver a suite of interesting products and services for customers.

"In addition, we will also look into effectively building our sales and distribution channels to ensure that prepaid reloads are easily accessible and available. DiGi has always been in the forefront of introducing industry leading products and services that will take them beyond mere satisfaction. Such initiatives boost the high value in service offerings that DiGi and the telecommunications industry will offer consumers," explained Mr. Johnsen.

In its aim to provide prepaid customers with excellent and best-in-quality service, DiGi has already to date forged smart partnerships with various organisations to extend its distribution channel. DiGi pioneered the e-pay concept for reloads in the country where customers can reload at these terminals located at petrol kiosks, pharmacies and shopping outlets throughout the country.

Besides that, customers can also reload their Prepaid Plus at Public Bank, Maybank Berhad and Maybank Finance Automatic Teller Machines Another significant partner for prepaid reloads is GHL Systems whereby together with them, DiGi launched Whoops!, which is the only current reload mechanism in the country without the usage of PINS or Cards. DiGi is also the only telecommunications company in the country to offer prepaid reloads 24-hours a day. This is made available through the partnership which was sealed two weeks with Convenience Shopping, owner and operator of 7-Eleven stores in the country.

Currently, DiGi is exploring more indirect and non-traditional channels to beef up its access to potential customers. "Through our carefully planned strategy, we hope to become the preferred prepaid option in the country," expressed Mr. Johnsen.

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DiGi, with its core philosophy of "Connecting You to Your World", is a telco that listens to its customers and tailors its services to suit their lifestyles - services that are meaningful and relevant, enhancing the way they live, work and play. DiGi is the first telco to launch the prepaid concept for mobile services in Malaysia and till today remains the market leader. DiGi is also the first telco in Malaysia to launch a revolutionary and cost-saving postpaid mobile service to suit the different usage and lifestyle patterns of the customers of today in line with full deregulation.

With its unwavering focus on providing customer-delight, DiGi offers the most comprehensive and innovative range of products and services to take its customers beyond mere satisfaction. This is reflected in its many industry-leading offerings, all of which are delivered with and exceptional standard of service that best exemplifies DiGi's professionalism and commitment to their customers nationwide.