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DiGi Opens up Inter-Operator SMS with All Telcos

Service expected to benefit mobile phone users in the country

Kuala Lumpur, October 1, 2001 - DiGi Telecommunications today officially announced that they are linked with all network service operators to offer SMS inter-operator service for its prepaid and postpaid customers.

DiGi's customers are able to enjoy sending and receiving SMS messages which include words or numbers or an alphanumeric combination on their GSM mobile handsets with Celcom, TimeCel, TMTouch and Maxis account holders.

"We were the first telecommunications company to offer SMS inter-operator when we launched this service with Celcom on June 25. Subsequently, we launched with TimeCel on July 19 and launched with Maxis on September 21; and the launch with TMTouch today, completes this circle," said Mr. Tore Johnsen, Chief Operating Officer, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd.

"Being in a fast paced industry, offering alternative options via our services not only encourages growth for the company, but also for the industry. Inter operator SMS elevates mobile communications one step higher and offers our mutual customers another alternative when using their mobile handsets. Offering inter-operator SMS with all telcos for our customers will be of immense benefit to this community as it is a value added and cost saving service for them," added Mr. Johnsen.

Short messages is one form of communications which are proactively delivered to mobile phones and are kept and stored in the user's mobile phone for later references. It is not only a convenient service for those on the move, but also is a useful way of exchanging information and keeping in touch.

The Short Message Service allows people to send and receive short of up to 160 characters, written messages using their mobile phones. Every GSM network has a Message Centre, which is responsible for the management of the messages. When someone sends a message to another user of a different network, this goes to that network service provider's Message Centre, which will locate the other user. It adds to the message, the time, date and number of the sender and sends it to the recipient. If the phone is deactivated, the message is stored and will be sent as soon as the recipient connects to the network.

Furthermore, the SMS culture is beginning to gain momentum locally. Key market drivers like the implementation of GPRS and 3G services by DiGi in the near future will continue to fuel this growth path.

SMS allows users to send important information and numbers to someone in total privacy and on a secured platform. The receiving end can have the message saved in his or her mobile phone, allowing them to read it as many times as possible. For business purposes, companies can forward employees their e-mails and provide them information via SMS. Users will also be able to utilise this service to send and receive messages while they are talking on their mobile phones

DiGi allows their customers to use this service without having to make a special subscription. Customers will only need to pay for the messages that they send. Revenue generated from this service will be accrued to the originating network operator on a 'sender keeper' basis.

"Besides offering this service with local operators, our customers will also enjoy the SMS service with our international roaming partners. Inter-operator SMS provides us a chance to not only be linked with local telcos but also with other international mobile phone operators via data, which is expected to surge by 2005," explained Mr Johnsen.

About DiGi

DiGi, with its core philosophy of "Connecting You to Your World", is a telco that listens to its customers and tailors its services to suit their lifestyles - services that are meaningful and relevant, enhancing the way they live, work and play. DiGi is the first telco to launch the prepaid concept for mobile services in Malaysia and till today remains the market leader. DiGi is also the first telco in Malaysia to launch a revolutionary and cost-saving postpaid mobile service to suit the different usage and lifestyle patterns of the customers of today in line with full deregulation.

With its unwavering focus on providing customer-delight, DiGi offers the most comprehensive and innovative range of products and services to take its customers beyond mere satisfaction. This is reflected in its many industry-leading offerings, all of which are delivered with and exceptional standard of service that best exemplifies DiGi's professionalism and commitment to their customers nationwide.