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The Internet is a wonderful tool that allows families to learn, share and communicate. It is easily accessible through PCs, gaming consoles and mobile devices. This extremely enriching tool brings with it certain risks and dangers and therefore should be used responsibly to ensure a family friendly and safe internet experience. In a joint effort, Digi, CyberSecurity Malaysia, Childline Malaysia, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and Ministry of Education, are committed to creating greater awareness on the positive use of the Internet. Therefore, the 'CyberSAFE in Schools Programme' is a proactive initiative to raise awareness and engage various communities on the subject.

Through a yearlong nationwide programme to be conducted in schools and community centres in year 2012, this programme have engaged more than 5,000 students and teachers from 272 schools, as well as 1,700 people from
14 "1Malaysia Internet Community Centres" to provide them the necessary resources and assistance to stay safe on the Internet.

In 2013, Digi CyberSAFE in Schools aims to empower up to 450 educators and teachers nationwide as ambassadors. Working closely with our partners, it is our goal to develop sustainable engagement to more than 45,000 students from 450 schools across the country through our ambassadors.
In 2014 the CyberSAFE in Schools National Survey Report based on a study involving 13,945 Malaysian schoolchildren between the ages of 7 and 19 was released. Data were collected from all states in 2013, with adequate representation for gender, urban-rural strata and ethnicity.
The study examined several dimensions of internet-related behaviour: online safety, cyber-bullying, support networks and personal concerns. The findings of the study are instrumental in developing approaches for enhancing digital citizenship in Malaysia, particularly to define efforts towards safe internet practices, as well as capacity building targeted at teachers, counsellors and parents.

In 2014, CyberSAFE in Schools continued to train more than 130 Smart School ICT teachers, engaged more than 4,100 school teachers and 38,000 secondary schoolchildren in the Klang Valley. The programme also included 6 pilot workshops at People's Housing Programme/Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR)communities.
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CyberSAFE in Schools Survey Findings (Infographic):
Download: CyberSAFE in Schools Survey Findings (Full Report)
CyberSAFE in Schools
National Survey (2013)
CyberSAFE in Schools
National Survey (2014)
CyberSAFE in Schools
National Survey (2015)
Download: CyberSAFE in Schools Guidebooks
Parent's Guide on "How to
talk to your children about
the internet"
Guide to Mobile Internet

Guide to a family friendly
internet experience

CyberSAFE in Schools Series:

CyberSAFE in Schools Series#1 - Cyber-bullying

CyberSAFE in Schools Series#2 - Cyber-stalking

CyberSAFE in Schools Series#3 - Cyber grooming
Today, violence against children remains hidden behind closed doors. Only the most extreme cases are reported but often too late.

The #Endviolence campaign is a global movement to protect all children from all act of violence, both offline and online that harms their physical and mental growth.

Children in Malaysia experience violence in all spaces most familiar to them: in homes, schools, parks and even online!

We believe in eradicating violence against children in all forms and manner to prevent exploitation of children physically or virtually.

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