CEO Statement

Sustainability is embedded in our corporate DNA of building a digitally connected and empowered society.

CEO Albern Murty on Sustainability

Welcome to Digi’s 2016 sustainability report. Our sustainability report is a platform for stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of our efforts to be a responsible business and to empower societies. We welcome engagement on these sustainability issues to ensure our business is built for the future.

Sustainability at Digi is seen in the context of our overall business ambition, which is to be our customers’ favourite partner in digital life by 2020. We commit to achieving this by operating in a responsible manner, assembling a winning team that engages, understands and develops innovative digital services that is delivered on an efficient network to our customers.

The mobile internet is increasingly the basis upon which we integrate the world to the many opportunities that advances the way we live, work, learn, share, and solve societal challenges to create a better future. We want everyone to leverage on the benefits of a digitally connected world, as we believe that a connected society is an empowered society.

Demonstrating responsibility and accountability remains at the core of being a sustainable business. Our Code of Conduct outlines our expectation of all Digizens, and we mandate training to drive a message that we won’t compromise on integrity. The launch of a third party independent hotline for Digizens, supplier and stakeholders to speak up on any non-compliance to our Code, has contributed to an increase in incidents reported.

As we connect more customers to the internet, ensuring the privacy of our customers’ is protected is even more important. We have invested significant resources and training to strengthen governance, and ensure robust privacy protocols are in place.

We continue to enable a working environment that allows our employees the freedom to inspire the next. Our inclusive culture continues to elevate gender diversity in our leadership team and across our organisation. A suite of apps help Digizens to connect and stay engaged. We invested in three digital learning platforms to allow learning by anyone, at anytime, from anywhere. We launched multiple innovation platforms that have received overwhelming response from Digizens who want to be part of our digital transformation.

Our commitment to responsible, fair and safe workplace extends to the over 75,000 individuals estimated to be working in our supply chain. The rollout of the Digi Permission to Work app has allowed us to be more effective in governing the performance of safety in our supply chain, and help to uncover more cases of major non-compliance by our contractors.

We remain steadfast to continue exploring cost efficient technologies to reduce our carbon emissions. Our goal is to stabilise the energy consumption in our network while growing our market share. With the ratification of the Paris Agreement to address climate change, our industry can play a significant role to enable reduction of carbon emissions in other sectors by rolling out digital solutions.

Our aim to create a more sustainable future for everyone enabled by connectivity has seen us strengthen our community impact programmes. We took a deeper position on online child safety and our CyberSAFE programme by working with partners to organise forums and events. Aided by the launch of several new innovative digital platforms, we were able to help scale the reach and impact of these programmes to reduce inequalities in various aspects of society.

These sustainability practices are guided by a sharpened framework in 2016 mapped against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), a landmark global commitment of 17 goals to collectively end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all by 2030. We have prioritised SDG 10 to reducing inequalities, by leveraging on our digital competencies to build a sustainable world for all.

Our sustainability leadership efforts are deeply embedded in our business strategy, and a way of doing business that will continue to have the highest attention of the management team. This underscores our determination to be a trusted company, delivering services to our customers that guarantee their safety and privacy, creating an inclusive, digitally-enabled and development-focused workplace for our people, building trust with our stakeholders across our supply chain grounded in our zero tolerance policy on corruption and HSSE compliance, digitally empower communities while ensuring the cybersafety of our children, and respectfully manage our impact on the environment. We remain steadfast to continue setting the standard of excellence and industry leadership in this area, and look forward to working with partners who share in our commitment to high standards of integrity, and vision of building a connected and empowered society.