Empower Societies

Empower Societies is our commitment to enable more digital communities across Malaysia. Through seven flagship initiatives, we reach out to different communities to help more segments of society benefit from being connected.

Digi CyberSAFE aims to nurture a safer internet for all Malaysians by building greater digital resilience and responsible digital citizenship. Over the last four years, more than 100,000 students have been impacted through the programme with our partners, Cybersecurity Malaysia, the Ministry of Education, UNICEF and Childline. Through research and training conducted, we have gained greater insights on issues and challenges faced by children and parents in this area.

In 2015, Digi CyberSAFE empowered 338 teachers, and 18,279* students in 221 schools through our school based programmes. We also published ‘CyberSAFE™ in Schools 2015 Survey’ from insights of more than 18,000 schoolchildren in 216 secondary schools nationwide over a period of seven months. Findings provided deeper understanding of prevalence of school children to access sites that propagate hate, self-harm, weapons, drugs and suicide. Mitigation strategies to be developed to build stronger digital resiliency.

We published and distributed over 30,000 Parental Guidebook in partnership with Telenor Group and UNICEF, to support parents on conversations with children on safe, responsible online practices, and digital citizenship. We also conducted a one day workshop on “Child online safety training” in partnership with Protect & Save the Children, and supported by the Royal Malaysian Police.

*Ernst & Young LLP reviewed and verified this data.

Digi Challenge for Change (CFC) enables innovative internet solutions that create sustainable, inclusive socio-economic impact for communities. Over six years, Digi CFC has engaged more than 4,700 social purpose organisations, mobile developers, universities and Malaysian public. More than 4,600 social-centric ideas have led to creation of more than 130 digital solutions.

The winner of 2015 Digi CFC was Dialogue in the Dark & Genashtim. The proposal was to create a social enterprise virtual call centre operated by visually impaired individuals or persons with disability. The up-skilling of individuals will provide accessibility to sustainable livelihood and participation in the economy. The team won a grant of RM250,000 cash prize and will be provided with mentorship by partner organisations.

Digi Wanita Era Digital (WED) empowers women through greater internet adoption and education on basic internet skills. In partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, National Council of Women’s Organisations, we launched Digi Wanita Era Digital in Jan 2016, with a commitment to reach out to 5,000 women in its first year.

Kampung Internet for All (Kg IFA) enables mobile internet connectivity and easy ownership of smart devices for rural and remote communities. Over 7,500 households have benefited from the installation of two year free mobile internet in their community since the launch of the programme.
We launched our second Kg IFA at Kampung Chenderong Batu, Kelantan in December 2015. The new initiative connected another 3,500 villagers via mobile internet.

Digi WWWoW Internet For All Awards recognise Malaysians for using the internet for good, increase online creativity, and entrepreneurism. The award has attracted more than 10,000 entries and garnered over half a million votes cast. Sixty individuals have been recognised for the good use of internet, and more than RM670,000 cash and in-kind disbursed to winners.

In its fifth year, the theme was 'Taking Ideas Further’. The awards attracted more than 750 entries across eight categories. Over 14,000 votes were cast to select the eventual winners.
2015 Digi WWWoW Awards Winners
The Userguide Films
Video & Photography
Azalia Suhaimi
Social Influencers
One Online
Independent Publishers
Gigfairy Mobile E-Commerce
Web E-Commerce
The Rebellious Chickpea
Social Media E-Commerce
Project Iqra’
Social Impact
Stick It To Me
Social Gathering
Lee Jinq Rui
People’s Choice Award
Ultimate WWWOW Winner

Telenor Digital Winners is a global platform for Malaysian technoprenuers to meet and gain insights from leaders and innovators of media, technology and communications. Over the three years it has been held, nine technopreneurs have represented Malaysia at the forum held in Oslo, Norway.

In 2015, Cytron Technologies’ was chosen to represent Malaysia in the 'Best App in Asia' competition. Developers of an educational robotics kit, their aim is to assist students and enthusiasts in robotics education.

Telenor Youth Forum is a platform to gather youths for a global dialogue and sharing on increasing the role of digital and mobile technology in transforming societies. Over three years, six Malaysian youths have gone to Oslo, Norway to drive conversations on our collective global digital future.

With the theme ‘Knowledge For All’, Heidy Quah and Adley Chan were selected to represent Malaysia at TYF 2015. Heidy founded ‘Refuge for the Refugees’, an NGO looking to create a self-sustaining community-based education programme to empower underprivileged communities. Adley sought to create an inclusive peer learning community by connecting children from rural and urban areas to enable cross-border sharing of knowledge and learning.