Winning Team

Building future ready talents and a culture that inspires everyday innovation.

Our Approach

Our people are our most valuable asset. Our focus in the year was to continue building a work culture that is open, dynamic and nurtures a supportive environment, creating opportunity for each employee the freedom to grow, to freely voice their opinions and share fresh ideas that inspire everyday innovation.

These principles set the direction for the four behaviours that guide the way we work:

Always explore
We believe growth comes from learning every day. We’re curious and we dare to challenge, test, fail fast and pivot.

Create together
We believe diverse teams find better solutions. We seek different perspectives, share, involve and help each other succeed.

Keep promises
We believe that trust is key in all our relationships. We take ownership and pride in delivering with precision and integrity.

Be respectful
We believe in the unique human ability to understand what matters for people. We meet everyone at eye level, listen and show that we care.

In addition to our purpose and behaviours, everyone working with or for Telenor is required to commit to, abide by and annually renew their signature on our Code of Conduct. We strongly believe that by staying true to these fundamental values, we will innovate the next generation of products and services, inspire new ways of improving customers’ digital lives, resulting in an empowered society.

Our employer promise of ‘Freedom to Inspire The Next’ is delivered through these four areas.

Freedom to Learn

The digitalization journey has a direct impact on jobs, demanding a highly skilled inter-operable workforce. Realising the demands of creating a future-ready workforce, we are purposeful in transforming the way our employees learn and enhance their skills and competencies, with a focus on developing skills for the digital future, built on a culture of ‘permission-less’ learning.

Functional Learning
Focused towards five competence areas namely new product development, digital marketing, service design, applied analytics, and digital channel and partnerships. These areas have been identified as critical capabilities for the future workforce and we are providing employees equal opportunity to upskill and grow in any of the identified competencies.

Permission-less Learning
With open access to the world’s best content provided through three digital learning platforms – Udacity, Cousera and Lynda, employees are empowered to manage their own career growth anytime, anywhere. To date, 36 employees have graduated and received their expert certifications on Coursera and another 93 completed their nanodegrees from Udacity. More than 1,800 employees completed 7,845 hours of learning on in 2017. Total learning hours for the year is at 54,796 hours, including classroom and functional learning.

Freedom to Innovate

We promote a culture of everyday innovation where Digizens are encouraged to experiment with their own ideas and challenge the status quo to create positive impacts across the organisation. To drive this innovation 360° mindset, various platforms are created for employees to explore new products, services and solutions.

TADHack is the world's largest global hackathon focusing on programmable telecoms wherein teams sign up to develop innovative ideas & solutions based on telco/connectivity APIs. The 2017 version is being held simultaneously in 37 cities around the world. During the session, Digi released 3 of our APIs for TADHack on Identity, Messaging & Payment to see what the developer community can do with it. This was a great platform for us to explore innovation together with the larger tech community.

Freedom to Engage

At the core of our DNA is a culture of empowerment, trust and fairness that creates a sense of belonging for each of our employees. We value the ideas and commitment that employees can bring to the table regardless of their positions in the company. The open office and hot-desking concept embodies our value of openness, and is a key part of who we are.

Freedom to Grow

It is our ambition to unlock the potential of our employees who are empowered to take charge of their own career development. If Digizens are willing to give their 100% every day, dare to challenge the norm, be willing to take on additional goals and responsibilities, and deliver results, the company will support their growth – from world-class leadership programmes to accelerating them into positions of responsibility.

Diverse and Dynamic Workforce

Digi believes in a diverse and dynamic workforce at all levels of the organisation regardless of nationality, age, gender or competence. Our goal is to foster a workplace that embraces differences, and provides equal opportunity to everyone. In 2017, women represented 45% of Digi’s leadership team. On 11 July 2017, women representation at the Board dropped from 43% to 29% with the resignation of Ms. Kristin Muri Möller, as the Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director of Digi.Com Bhd. With the appointment of Ms. Tone Ripel to the Board as Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director on the 23 January 2018, the composition of women board members is reinstated to 43%.

In 2017, for the second year in a row, our CEO, Albern Murty, was awarded the CEO Champion category award by TalentCorp Life at Work Awards 2017 in recognition of our efforts in creating a workplace that is family and women friendly. This, of course, was made possible by our culture of inclusion.