Winning Team

Building future ready talents and a culture that inspires everyday innovation.

Our Approach

Our employee promise, “Freedom To Inspire The Next” is a belief in creating a workplace where everyone’s voice is heard, and aspirations fulfilled, regardless of their position. It is commitment to this promise that will enable us to attract and retain top talents to innovate the next generation of products and services in our drive to be our customers’ favourite partner in digital life.

Inclusive and engaged culture

We celebrate a workforce that is diverse, inclusive and engaged because we know it makes a stronger. We promote a workplace where all employees feel a sense of belonging, everyone is respected, differences embraced, and there are opportunities for all.

Diversity in leadership

Women comprise 43% of our current Board of Directors, which is above the ambitions set by the Malaysian government. On average over the past three years, women represented 39% of the Digi leadership team, which comprise of CXOs and their direct reports. Today, roles traditionally held by men, such as in network and information technology, are led by women of equal capability.
The Women Inspiration Network (WIN) is a platform to strengthen the management leadership pipeline. An initial group of 20 top performing women were identified and provided with a CXO mentor. Members of WIN are provided diverse opportunities to develop, share, and network with other corporate women leaders.

Supporting work life balance

In January 2016, we launched a six months fully paid maternity policy for all full time employees. Sixty five Digizens have gone on maternity under this new policy, and 37 have returned to their positions.

Attracting future talent

We want to be a hub for talented millennial by creating unique opportunities to accelerate their learning. The CXO Apprentice Challenge attracted over 800 young adults with the unique opportunity to spend a year shadowing and being mentored by a CXO. Following a rigorous online recruitment, a workshop to observe and shortlist, eight apprentices were chosen by the respective CXOs.

Employee Engagement

We formally recognise and hold quarterly engagement with Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd Employee Union (DGEU) and the Best of People Council (BOPC). The two platforms provide a formal channel for consultation and collaboration on policies and strategies, to ensure a balance between safe guarding employee welfare and driving productivity.

The leadership team conducts regular visits across the six regions to ensure voices of Digizens are heard, and feedback acted upon. We also have enabled digital engagement platforms to allow for faster and easier engagement. We launched a series of apps to undergo digital induction, and to raise issues, stay updated on Telenor News, and launched Workplace by Facebook.

Employee Engagement Index measures percentage of employees committed to the organisation and willingness to apply discretionary effort in their work. Our EEI has averaged 76% over the last three years, which is above the benchmark of high performing companies, and Malaysian companies. The results point towards a strong culture of customer centricity and higher employee net promoter score.

Innovation Everyday

We are enabling a culture of everyday innovation where Digizens are provided a safe enabling environment to try new things. Various platforms are offered to allow to Digizens to ideate, understand customer journey, validate, prototype, and pitch their ideas. Winners are given time off from their duties to dedicate time to bring their ideas to market.

Transformation Catalyst

We believe every Digizen should have a pathway to be part of our digital transformation. The Telenor Development Plan allows every Digizen to map their professional development and learning needs to support business goals. Through a rigorous and transparent process, high performing Digizens are identified for future leadership roles. Future leaders are exposed to regional Telenor leadership programmes to develop their potential as local leaders with global outlook.

We launched our new Digital D’Academy, which allows every Digizen to have access to three world class online learning platform, Lynda, Udacity and Coursera, anytime and anywhere. Ninety eight Digizens have enrolled for a six months nanodegree on Udacity. Five have graduated having undergone on average of 72.4 online learning hours per nanodegree. Digizens on average completed 14.2 hours of training.

We ran two workshops to ensure every Digizen understands their role, adopt new skills, and transform their mindset to the digital future. ‘Leading Digital’ is a two day programme by McKinsey & Company for leaders at Digi, while ‘What’s your Next’ is a half day workshop for all Digizens. Both workshops explains why and how the business is changing, enables Digizens to chart their next step within Digi, urgently commits to future skill, are free to challenge, and experiment with new opportunities.

In collaboration with Telenor Group and INSEAD Business School, we launched the ‘Strategic Execution Programme’ for all head of sections and senior experts. The six-week online course exposes leaders to the external disruptive forces and trends shaping our industry, inspires new ways of work and thinking, and instills skills to lead their teams to make the digital shift. Leaders need to demonstrate and reflect execution of the new knowledge by completing a project over three months.

We developed a partnership with the Asia School of Business, a collaboration of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloane and Bank Negara, to develop a customised programme on financial valuation on digital business modelling. The first of its kind in the region, the programme is being rolled out across Telenor business units in Asia.