Winning Team

We are building future ready talents and a culture that inspires everyday innovation. Supported by more than 2,000 Digizens from 12 countries, we are cultivating an agile mindset that is devoted to learning new skills and gaining new exposure to succesfully drive our continued business transformation.

Our Approach

The Telenor Way is our guiding principles that hold our vision, mission, values, leadership and personal conduct code for working in Digi.
We build a culture that nurtures and develops strong talent to ensure Digi continues to be a place where people have a growing, thriving and enriching career. We create a culture that is inclusive, respects diversity, and goes the distance to ensure employees stay connected and engaged.

Culture of 360

'Freedom to Inspire the Next' encapsulates the experience and culture felt by employees working at Digi. We enabled this value proposition by committing to an open, supportive and nurturing workplace. Every employee’s voice is heard, and individuals feel empowered to contribute ideas and opinions no matter their standing to inspire the next big ‘anything’ for Digi.
We enabled an easier and hassle free workspace by digitising processes and engagement channels, in line with our move to digitise our business. Digizens now provide feedback, stay updated on Telenor news, submit claims, induct new talent, and apply for leave through a slew of new Digi mobile applications on their devices.

Future Ready Talent

We are building a sustainable leadership pipeline that thrives in a fast evolving market environment. Local talents are nurtured into global leaders through a series of programmes with renowned global institutions to provide differentiated exposure.

The Telenor Development Plan process allows every Digizens to map their professional development and learning needs to support business goals. Following a conversation with their manager three times a year, 93%* of Digizens completed their Telenor Development Plan. All internal job opportunities are offered to Digizens to provide them the freedom to grow and gain new experiences.

Through a rigorous and transparent process, high performing Digizens are identified annually for future leadership roles. Future leaders attend regional Telenor leadership programmes and interact with regional business units to develop as local leaders with global outlook. In 2015, 10 high performing Digizens were given the opportunity to take up mobility assignments within Telenor Group’s global network of businesses across 13 markets.

of Digizens completed their Telenor Development Plan.
*Ernst & Young LLP reviewed and verified this data.

Promote Learning

Digizens are given the tools and the freedom to leverage on a range of learning opportunities to be digitally savvy and future ready. Every division has a training programme and core competencies roadmap. We place an emphasis on programmes that enhance knowledge and capabilities through project assignments, networking and guided learning.

We launched an online learning platform offering over 1,500 titles for self-learning based on development needs and interest. Modules on leadership, personal effectiveness, technical and functional knowledge are available to Digizens anytime, anywhere and at their own pace.

Classroom based training was undertaken by 771* employees, of which each employee completed an average 21 hours of training. We conducted an assessment of all classroom based training and conducted a refresh to ensure the quality of our trainers.

*Ernst & Young LLP reviewed and verified this data.

Beyond Diversity

Diversity, coupled with inclusivity, creates an empowered workforce. We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to creating a culture that values, support and respects inclusivity of all Digizens. We believe the diversity of talent, culture, experience, thoughts, and values creates an environment where innovation thrives.
In 2015, we adopted a Board Diversity Policy and launched the Women Inspirational Network (WIN) in an ongoing effort to support development, growth and retention of more women leaders. WIN will support professional development of leaders through exposure and engagement with inspirational women, and mentorship by management.

We implemented a six month fully paid maternity policy as we strive to be the best employer for working mothers. The policy took effect on 1 Jan 2016.

Strong Engagement

Creating an inclusive atmosphere and a respectful work culture requires consistent engagement with employees to understand concerns, morale, and sentiments. The leadership team conduct regular vists across the six regions to ensure voices of Digizens are heard, and feedback acted upon.

Employee Engagement

We formally recognise and hold quarterly engagement with Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd Employee Union (DGEU) and the Best of People Council (BOPC). The two platform provides a formal channel for consultation and collaboration on policies and strategies, to ensure a balance between safe guarding employee welfare and driving productivity. We assisted the DGEU leadership team with organising workshops and trainings to understand the role and responsibility of union representatives. We also organised a workshop, facilitated by UNI Malaysia Labour Centre, to develop a smart partnership strategy between management and the union moving forward.

Time invested by management to meet, explain, and respond to concerns of employees has resulted in an Employee Engagement Score of 80%. Moving forward, we will measure how well employees are enabled and empowered to go the extra mile given the right resources, tools and processes.

Employee Engagement With Customers

As we drive towards our ambition to be our customers’ favourite partner in digital life by 2020, Digizens are actively engaged to understand, feedback and improve customer experience at every touch point. Over 40 engagement activities were organised to create more awareness, and trigger more conversations with customers and dealers. In addition to our annual flagship Customer First Day, Digizens participated in network drive tests, went undercover as mystery shoppers, spent a day@contact centre, and actively reported network performance through the D’Network buddy app. This contributed to continuous improvements in our net promoter score.