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Submit your details online to switch to DiGi Prepaid™. We will deliver a SIM pack to your doorstep and switch you to DiGi within seven (7) business days. It's FREE, fast and easy!
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How Does It Work?
Step 1
Register your details on this website.

Step 2
You will receive a call from DiGi within the next business day (Mondays - Fridays only) to confirm your registration and delivery details.

Step 3
DiGi's appointed delivery agent will send a SIM pack to you.

Step 4
Upon receiving your SIM pack, you are required to call 016-2211800 to start your switching process. This process can be completed within 24 business hours (with the co-operation of your current service provider).
How Long Will It Take?
From the date we receive your MNP application, we estimate it would take three to seven (3-7) business days to complete your switch to DiGi. During this time, we will send you a SIM pack and work with your current mobile service provider to ensure a hassle-free switching experience.
What Are The Requirements?
Please ensure that the following requirements are met before submitting your request:
  1. You are a Malaysian citizen.
  2. You are above 12 years old.
  3. You will have your myKAD available for verification when we deliver your SIM pack.
  4. You have settled all outstanding/overdue payment(s) with your current mobile service provider.
  5. You are not tied to any contract with your current mobile service provider.
  6. Your current mobile line is still active. (You do not have to cancel it as this will be sorted for you during the switching process.)
  7. You can indicate all your supplementary lines.
  8. You cannot be blacklisted by any mobile service provider.