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The Tomorrow Network is the single most ambitious network modernisation DiGi has embarked upon. And it begins now.

Starting December 2011, DiGi will be upgrading all our network sites in Malaysia. Over 5,000 sites will be upgraded, with upgrading work completing in 2013.

The Tomorrow Network will bring you the following benefits:
Malaysia's 1st LTE-equipped network, ready to serve fibre-like speeds to upcoming LTE mobile devices (read more about LTE here)
Expanding High Speed Internet Coverage (EDGE,3G) to cover 95% of all Malaysians
A more stable network, resulting in more consistent speeds and better internet experience
Greener, more efficient equipment that conserves more energy and is kinder to the environment
Upgrade Schedule
Telecom companies upgrade their networks all the time,
so what's so special about this upgrade?
The last few years have seen an unprecedented change in how Malaysians are communicating.

Social networking, online video streaming, digital music downloads and cloud services all continue to become more and more mainstream. Giving more Malaysians powerful new tools to connect, create and collaborate with one another.

And so, just as we've seen your telecommunication needs evolve, so must our network infrastructure evolve to keep pace.

After the upgrade, our network will be able to provide High Speed Internet covering at least 95.8% of all Malaysia, as well as being fully-equipped to handle LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology.

With a more stable network, we aim to provide the best Internet experience for all our customers, with better quality and faster voice & Internet connections across a wider coverage area.

We will be the first fully LTE-equipped network in Malaysia by 2013.
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