Women and the internet is an inspiring combination.

We believe everyone should have access to and benefit from being connected. That's why, Wanita Era Digital works to empower women across Malaysia with greater internet connectivity and basic internet skills so they can go on to explore a world full of opportunities online.
The more women gain from being connected, the more socio-economic benefits will reach their families, communities and society as a whole.
Would like us to help with your community?

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Jom Berinternet with Digi
Join us and get digital at one of our upcoming meet-ups.
How WED works
We are traveling all over Malaysia for meet-ups with women to get them started on basic internet usage. You will learn simple digital skills to help you communicate, connect on social media, access information and entertainment content, and more. Come to us, or we can come to you!
Upcoming Meet-Ups
No. Pusat Internet 1Malaysia State Workshop Date
1 Kampung Gentam Negeri Sembilan 07-May-16
No. Pusat Internet 1Malaysia State Workshop Date
1 Kampung Serkam Melaka 26-Mar-16
2 Kampung Chabau Melaka 04-Nov-16
3 Kampung Sri Jaya Johor 08-Oct-16
4 Kampung Baru Air Tawar Johor 29-Jul-16
5 Felda Tenggaroh 2 Johor 26-Mar-16
6 Kg. Klebang Besar / Duyong Melaka 23-Apr-16
7 Felda Nitar 2 Johor 29-Jul-16
8 Gelang Patah Johor 08-Oct-16
East Coast
No. Pusat Internet 1Malaysia State Workshop Date
1 Kampung Sri Damai Pahang 20-Feb-16
2 Kampung Ubai Pahang 24-Sep-16
3 Bukit Kuang Terengganu 05-Mar-16
4 Gong Chengal Terengganu 13-Aug-16
5 Padang Tok La Kelantan 15-Jul-16
6 Kampung Tendong Kelantan 10-Sep-16
7 Felda Kerteh 5, Kemaman Terengganu 26-Mar-16
8 Kuala Berang, Hulu Terengganu Kelantan 15-Jul-16
9 Felda Bukit Sagu, Kuantan Pahang 24-Sep-16
No. Pusat Internet 1Malaysia State Workshop Date
1 Sematan Sarawak 16-Apr-16
2 Lundu Sarawak 27-Feb-16
Getting you connected is our inspiration.
Didn't find any meet-ups close to you? Don't worry, just tell us where you're at and we'll bring the meet-up to you!
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