17 December 2019

Transport Network Architect

Full Time
Malaysia, Shah Alam

You are: (personality / competencies etc)

We’d like to think of you as:

  • A team player, with good technical skills.
  • A professional who is very conscious and sensitive about the use of time and resources in producing the best results.
  • Someone who is particularly sensitive and eager to provide continuous improvement in processes and procedures.

Your Responsibilities: (What is this role all about? What does the applicant have to do?)

  • To begin with, you’ll be primarily involved in developing architecture for target network and 3 years network plan across functional areas which consist of RAN, Transport and Core with focus on IP Transport Network covering IP RAN, IP Core, IX, Firewall and relevant IP networking.
  • You’ll be working with user, which is from Marketing or Business Unit to analyse and manage their requirement, and establish the best network plan to deliver the desire result.
  • You’ll also be working with technology strategy team and development team to understand technology strategy, solution architecture and technology roadmap. In this capacity, you’ll be responsible to ensure proper documentations and guideline established for further reference.
  • Part of your role will of course involve you preparing all the necessary investment documents to obtain project approval. You will be initiating new project concept for coverage and capacity to ensure that network growth and robustness being addressed.
  • Using your analytical skills and sharpness, you will be compiling network traffic usage and establishing as well update network traffic forecast. 
  • Quite naturally, throughout your role, you will continuously be seeking for improvements in operational efficiency and better cost efficiency for our business services.

Your Merits: (these are must haves in terms of qualifications and experience and specific technical /professionals skills that you want from the applicant)

  • It is important that you have at least an Engineering degree  with honors (majoring in Telecommunications or E&E) or hold a professional qualification from a recognised body, though extensive relevant experience may be considered in place of this
  • You are someone with at least five years experience in telecommunication industry with a good experience in IP RAN, IP Core, IX, Firewall and relevant IP networking and understanding in GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA/LTE technologies
  • You possess good knowledge in forecast, translation and dimensioning while being cost conscious and able to develop justification of technology use and support with business case if necessary.
  • You possess good knowledge in new upcoming technology e.g. SDN, NFV – hands-on experience would be an added advantage