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Premium MMS

Business Model & Rates

The Premium MMS API allows developers to send, receive, and obtain the delivery status of multimedia messages sent to one or more Digi mobile devices.

Examples of business models include:

  • Charge for every image, sound clip or text, or any such combination that a customer receives.
  • The user sends a mobile originated message (MO) to the content provider’s shortcode, and subsequently receives the mobile terminated message (MT) that contains the content; then, the user sends an MO to request for content to be sent by the content provider on a regular basis or at a special time or event. The content provider then “pushes” the messages (MT) to the subscriber as specified in the MO.

The fees for the services are as below:

Shortcode setup fee


Shortcode monthly fee


Advance payment deposit


*Applicable for new developers

Revenue share per MMS

60% to the Developer

40% to Digi

Price per premium SMS / MMS

Revenue Share

Content Price (RM) Developer’s Share (RM) Digi’s Share (RM)
0.1 0.06 0.04
0.2 0.12 0.08
0.3 0.18 0.12
0.4 0.24 0.16

Infrastructure cost for chargeable MMS to customers


Infrastructure cost for zero-rated MMS to customers


Keyword charges

RM10 per keyword

Maximum number of keywords for each shortcode

50 keywords