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Buy on Google Play™

Pay for Google Play apps by charging it your postpaid bill or prepaid credit. No credit card needed!

Pay Directly with Digi Direct Billing

Google Play

Google Play Games

Google Play Movies & TV

Google Play Books

Why use Digi Direct Billing with Google Play?

Secure, safe, fast and convenient to pay. All in a single tap.

Pay for Google Play securely with Digi

Combine your Postpaid, Family Line, and Google Play bills into one

No credit cards or bank accounts needed. Pay directly via Prepaid reloads

Extra rebates when paying with Digi Postpaid

Get rewarded on MyDigi

How to Set-Up Digi Direct Billing on Google Play?

Open your account on Google Play and select 'Payments and Subscriptions'.
Select 'Payment Methods'.
Select 'Add Digi Billing' and set-up your Digi Billing account. Wait for verification.
You have successfully added Digi Carrier Billing to your Google Play account.

Use Digi Direct Billing

Fast, Easy, Secure, and Convenient