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Pioneering New Possibilities Together

Digital transformation is accelerating and organisations are embracing the change. Driven by a vision to excel, you are redefining the future of your business. Thriving on this vision, Digi Business constantly raises the bar with an industry-leading network, business solutions and services, all designed to support you and your organisation.

Purpose-built Solutions

Customising connectivity & providing managed services for business transformation.

Next-Gen IOT

Empowering digitalisation for smart automation & advanced business operations.

A.I. Implementation

Powering big data & machine learnings for Artificial Intelligence applications.

MEF 3.0 Certified

A leading ecosystem of international industry experts driving enterprise digital transformation.

What is IPVPN?

IP-Based Virtual Private Network (IPVPN) is an IP network service that allows you to connect your offices and sites that are spread across the world. Through this service, staff in these locations can transmit all types of information to each other and deploy real-time as well as business-critical applications on an efficient and secure network.

How Does IPVPN Work?

Features of IPVPN

Get more for your business with IPVPN

Flexible Topologies

It supports various standard network topologies such as fully meshed, hub-and-spoke, and partial mesh configurations.

Application Prioritisation

By allocating bandwidth in different queues or layers, you can define which applications are the most important to ensure the most efficient packet flow for the highest Quality of Service (QoS).

Auto-Failover & Redundancy

Combine physical redundancy with network-based intelligent routing solutions so that you can have a reliable, fully-automated failover solution.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support

If there are any issues encountered, you can count on our customer support, which is fully managed by Digi, to resolve them as soon as possible.

Benefits of IPVPN

Highly Scalable

It supports a wide range of applications from email to live video. As your business grows, you can scale IPVPN up to meet your needs, such as increased traffic capacity.

Enhanced Performance

The inclusion of MPLS encapsulation and switching provides excellent performance that complies to stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Better Security

With IPVPN’s private routing domains, you can protect your business’s network resources from label spoofing and malicious traffic.

Built-in Quality of Service

Its built-in QoS lets you prioritise the performance of business-critical applications such as voice, video, and payment transactions.

IPVPN is the right choice for your business

If your business requires top-notch security

IPVPN keeps your business protected in the modern digital landscape via firewalls, encryption, and content filtering which prevent dangerous traffic from entering your site.

If your business needs the flexibility to set the priority of various business applications

Multiple and frequent access to business-critical applications can lead to lack of bandwidth and slower service. With Quality of Service (QoS), you can control the traffic flow of applications and scale your bandwidth based on usage as well as prioritise VPN traffic over regular Internet traffic.

If you need an easy network to manage

This is especially relevant for companies with limited expertise in network connections. We can provide management and round-the-clock technical support for your network. In fact, you can delegate all network issues to us, which frees you up to focus on higher-level operations within your business.

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