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Digital transformation is accelerating and organisations are embracing the change. Driven by a vision to excel, you are redefining the future of your business. Thriving on this vision, Digi Business constantly raises the bar with an industry-leading network, business solutions and services, all designed to support you and your organisation.

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What is SD-WAN?

A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a software-driven technology that functions as the central ‘brain’ to manage your entire Wide Area Network (WAN). It gives you a clear overview of and full control over your business’s network performance at all times.

How Does SD-WAN Work?

Features of SD-WAN

Get more for your business with SD-WAN


With a centralised SD-WAN controller, physical or virtual appliances will adhere to its operational rules, which reduces the need to manage Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) individually. This lets you easily monitor geographically dispersed branches with embedded security.

Flexible Link Support

SD-WAN gateways can support hybrid forms of WAN, enabling each gateway to have multiple connections using different transporting media with added virtual private network (VPN) to boost security.

Dynamic Path Selection

Automatically and selectively route traffic onto any WAN link based on the preset network KPI. Better yet, sort your packets according to applications, user, source/destination, and other traits to allocate them to the most suitable path.

Policy-based Regulation

Implement business intentions as policies via the central management console. As quality of service (QoS) policy is supported, this is the driving force behind how the dynamic path selection steers traffic.

Benefits of SD-WAN

Boost Performance

Prioritise traffic that is critical to business operations and then divert them to the most efficient route. By doing so, your in-house IT team can minimise performance issues, which will improve staff productivity and boost staff morale.

Enhances Security

Data integrity is ensured as SD-WAN offers next-generation firewall (NGFW), intrusion prevention system (IPS), encryption, antivirus, and sandboxing capabilities.

Simplifies Operation

The traffic is managed by automated task monitoring and an authorised centralised controller. Also, it can be integrated easily into the local branch infrastructure to embed security and management deeply into your local LAN.

Reduces Cost

SD-WAN alleviates the burden of increasing operating costs by leveraging on low-cost local Internet access, providing direct cloud access, and reducing the amount of traffic being routed over the backbone WAN.

SD-WAN is the right choice for your business

If your company needs to regularly communicate and share data with other branches

Connect your business locations with ease through the exchange of voice, video, and data over a secure Internet Protocol (IP) network. Be it at the office or home, SD-WAN unifies communications for your employees by providing access to the same resources throughout.

If you are looking for better control of application performance and bandwidth usage

Overloading bandwidth will affect business-critical applications like VoIP phones and video conference. WAN optimisation technology minimises such incidents by automating routing of traffic based on prioritisation of application or network traffic categories. Now you can run bandwidth-intensive applications without an expensive connection!

If you need a more reliable and secure network at no extra (or a lower) cost

SD-WAN offers greater bandwidth and higher quality of service without you having to spend on business-grade Internet services or a dedicated fibre connection. For small-scale businesses, you can sign up for a cost-effective consumer-grade service and pair it with SD-WAN to get enterprise-grade connectivity options.

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