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When you’re a part of something big,great opportunities await.

At Digi, we recognise the impact every Malaysian business has on our communities and on the economy of our country. This is why we’d love to help you share your beautiful craftsmanship globally. In this spirit of collaboration, we share our resources with you at no cost. Come be a part of something big, join us in one of our roadshows at a location near you.

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  • Workshops

    Google - Stand out from the rest and bring more customers in with your Google Business profile, we’ll even hand you a FREE Business tool to get you started.
    Shopee - Don’t miss this opportunity to get your brand presence on the fastest growing e-commerce marketplace.
    Facebook - Rethink the way you do business by creating a Digital Shopfront on our page and let more than 2 billion people discover your business.
    Digi Business - Grow your business with less worry and more savings with the range of forward-thinking plans, products and services.
  • Panel Discussions

    Learn how to make your content viral and interesting with one of the best in the industry. Conducted by Rev Asia Berhad, one of Malaysia’s leading digital media group. Their content, through their brands, reaches and influences over 9 million people.
  • Digital Cert & More

    Digital Cert & More Get certified by all our partners & gain the digital advantage by being branded on their respective platforms.
  • Networking

    Open doors to more business opportunities by expanding your contacts with other business owners like yourself.

Sharing a piece of home to the rest of the world begins with you. We’re all aboard for the Digital MY SME initiative.

REV Asia

We want to help you grow your business and reach a wide range of audience. We’ll give you the best insights on how to make your content viral and remain relevant to your brand.

Google Business

We want to help you stand out and bring in more customers with an online business presence across our Google platforms. Discover a new way to build strong relationships with the people who matter most.


Let us introduce an easier way for you to push your brand through a fast, easy, and secure online shopping experience. Don’t worry, we’ll also back you up with a strong payment system and logistical support.

Facebook Business

We believe everyone can be a marketer with the right toolkit. We’ll equip you with the latest news, best practices and case studies to meet your business goals.

Digi Business

Growing your business is no easy task. That’s why we want you to relax and let us help you rethink the way you do business, with our range of products and services.


Roadshows across Malaysia

Join us to understand how to grow your business and for hands-on training on using digital tools

Ipoh, Perak

24th August 2019, Saturday


Kota Bahru, Kelantan

7th September 2019, Saturday


Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

21st September 2019, Saturday


Kuching, Sarawak

5th October 2019, Saturday