1. What is the Unlimited Singapore IDD about?

Unlimited Singapore IDD is a limited-time promotion that is applicable to calls made to Singapore from Malaysia on Go Digi 128 and Go Digi 168. Fair usage policy of 500 minutes is applicable. Other terms and conditions apply.

2. What is the FREE Go IDD bundle?

1 (ONE) Go IDD bundle will be included in Go Digi 128 and Go Digi 168 for FREE. You have an option to choose between Go IDD Asia or Go IDD World. Purchase of 2nd Go IDD bundle is at RM30/month. For example, if you’ve selected Go IDD Asia as your FREE bundle, you are allowed to purchase GO IDD World at RM30/month.

3. Can I subscribe to Go IDD Asia and subsequently change to Go IDD World and vice versa?

Yes, you are allowed to subscribe up to a maximum of 2 Go IDD bundles. However, change in subscription on your existing Go IDD bundle will require a RM10 processing fee and the monthly charges & minutes on your existing bundle will not be prorated.

Scenario 1:
Customer is subscribed to Go IDD Asia and would like to add on Go IDD World as a second subscription, no processing fee required.

Scenario 2:
Customer is subscribed to Go IDD Asia and would like to change to Go IDD World, a processing fee of RM10 is required.

4. Can I subscribe to two of the same Go IDD bundles? For instance, I want to purchase 2 Go IDD Asia bundles.

No, you are not allowed to subscribe to 2 similar Go IDD bundles under one rate plan. You are only allowed to subscribe to a maximum of 1 Go IDD Asia and 1 Go IDD World bundle.

5. Am I able to check my balance for Go IDD bundle? Where can I check this?

Yes, you are able to check your balance via the MyDigi app.