New Internet Passes Add-ons


1. Where can I purchase Internet Passes?

You may perform purchase the passes on your own via the MyDigi app/web, by dialing *200#, and via the MyDigi Business portal.

2. Under what plans can I purchase the Internet Passes (aka QTU Add-on)?

All Digi Business plans under Corporate/SME unless you are on a legacy plan that does not have an Internet bundle. To buy an add-on, it is recommended to change to the latest selling plan with bundle Internet offer.

3. Are these Internet Passes (aka QTU Add-on) options available for device plans?


4. Does the validity of the Internet Passes (aka QTU Add-on) extend as per my billing cycle?

No, the validity of the INternet passes will follow the add-on offer duration, not the billing cycle.

5. Are there any rollover options available for this Internet Passes (aka QTU Add-on)?


6. What are the payment options available to purchase the Internet Passes (aka QTU Add-on)?

Purchases of add-on will be charged to your Digi bill on the following bill cycle.

7. Will I be able to perform multiple purchases?

Yes, as long your credit limit is sufficient.

8. What happens when I fully utilise my plan Internet quota? Will I be charged for extra usage?

No, you will not be charged extra when you fully utilise the plan quota. Your data service will be restricted until the next billing cycle. You can opt to purchase Internet Add-ons to continue surfing the Internet at regular speed, subject to the relevant terms and conditions.

9. How do I check the balance of my purchase Internet Passes (aka QTU Add-on)?

To check the balance of your Internet add-on quota, log on to your MyDigi app home screen. Alternatively, simply dial *200#.

10. How long will it take for my Internet Passes (aka QTU Add-on) to activate?

Upon successful purchase, it may take up to 10 minutes activate.

11. I have not exhausted my allocated monthly plan Internet quota, but I have purchased Internet Passes (aka QTU Add-on). Which quota will be consumed first?

Your Internet Add-on quota will be consumed first. After that, the balance of your allocated monthly Internet quota will be consumed. The sequence is as this:

  1. Quota from Free Weekend Internet (if any and usage is on a Weekend)
  2. Quota from Freebies (if any)
  3. Quota from Free YouTube (if any)
  4. Quota from one-time Internet Top Up purchase (if any)
  5. Quota from monthly Internet Top Up purchase (if any)
  6. Quota from bundled All Day / Base Internet