SME Digitalization Bundle


1. Who is eligible for this bundle?

SMEs that meet the following criteria will be eligible for the bundle:

  1. The SME is at least 60% owned by Malaysians individually,
  2. The SME is registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia and classified as a SME,
  3. For SMEs which have been in operation for one (1) year, the SME is required to have an annual sales turnover of RM 100,000.00 for the first year; and
  4. For SMEs which have been in operation for two (2) years or more, the SME is required to have a minimum sale turnover of RM 50,000.00 for the preceding two (2) consecutive years.
  5. Has not already applied or received the Penjana SME Digitalisation Grant.

2. Is this a temporary offer?

The bundles under the Penjana SME Digitalisation Grant will only be valid until 31 December 2020.

3. What happens when I terminate my Go Digi lines?

Upon termination of your Go Digi lines, your access to our solution partners will also be terminated and the Grant will not be rebated to your account.

4. Will I be in a contract if I purchase this bundle?

All bundles are tied with a 12-month contract.

5. Can I change my rate plan to something other than Go Digi 98?

No, this bundle is applicable for plans on Go Digi 98 only.

6. If I sign up for higher rate plans, can I change the devices?

No, the device is a part of the bundle and is fixed. It cannot be changed to another model.

7. If I do not want a device, will I still be entitled to the airtime rebate?

No, you will not receive the standard airtime rebate, based on your rate plan.

8. Will I be entitled to this offer if I only sign up 3 lines but on Go Digi 168?

No. The minimum number of lines for this bundle is 5 on Go Digi 98.

9. How and when will I get access to my accounts?

After activation of your mobile lines, an email will be sent to you with your login credentials within 5 working days

10 How will I get access to the Digital Solutions?

Username and access credentials will be sent via an email to the company admin email address, registered with Digi Business.

11. What if I want all Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Avana, d’SMS, Omni, & altHR? How can I get it?

You can either:

  1. Get the Digital Growth Bundle that contains all the digital solutions; or
  2. Buy Omni/altHR/d’SMS, as a standalone product at retail price.
  3. But we do not sell Microsoft 365 Business or Avana as a standalone product.

12. Will there be a training provided to learn how to use the products?

An online video tutorial will be sent to you via email upon activation of your accounts.

13 What if I do not want one of the items in the bundle, can I remove it and pay less?

No, the bundle is fixed, and no item can be removed or changed.