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Trade-in with Digi

Trade-in your old device and get cash to upgrade to a new phone

Why Trade-in with Digi

Trade-in the phone you have and get a payment for it

Digi Device Trade-In - Best Trade-in payment

32-step quality check

Digi Device Trade-In - More savings with Digi Postpaid Plan

Up to 12 months warranty

Digi Device Trade-In - Easy Device worth checking

Wide range of smartphones

Trade-in your old devices today

Download the InstaCash app on the App Store or Google Play Store and trade in your phone for instant cash now!

How it works

Postpaid 60 Add-Ons Extra Internet
1. Download the InstaCash App from the App Store / Google Play Store
Postpaid 60 Add-Ons Extra Internet
2. Run a full diagnostic of your device to validate the condition of your device
Postpaid 60 Add-Ons Extra Internet
3. Price quotation will be generated upon completion. Proceed with the order if you agree with the amount
Postpaid 60 Add-Ons Extra Internet
4. Once the order has been placed, wait for the confirmation. You will be contacted by CompAsia's customer service representative

Prepare your Old Devices for Trade-in

If you're interested to Trade-in with Digi, walk-in to your nearest Digi Store or Digi Store Express

Check if your phone is able to power ON and OFF and can charge when plugged in to a charger
Check if your phone's IMEI can be retrieved (Go into Settings, and select About Phone for the IMEI number)
Ensure that your phone screen is fully functional and has no cracks or damaged pixels
Please backup all your data before proceeding with the trade-in

Trade-in has never been easier with Digi