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iFleet - Intelligent GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System

The enterprise grade DNS-layer security system that only seeks to provide your business connections with the utmost level of protection. Say goodbye to spy malwares, ransomwares, and phishing.

iFleet helps ensure that each of your vehicles runs optimally by identifying cost-saving solutions and thereby improving productivity.

Empower Your Fleet

Locate Instantly

Locate your trucks instantly in just a few clicks using your phone or computer and plan your routes better.

Safety First

Make every trip safe with alerts on driving behaviours. With the ICOP compliance, we help you meet the core requirements for license renewals.

Optimise Cost

iFleet helps you ensure that every vehicle runs optimally by identifying cost-saving solutions from the measured fleet data.

iFleet vs Other Solutions

Low Cash Outlay

Start tracking with iFleet at an affordable monthly fee inclusive of support and maintenance. No hidden charges, more peace of mind.

Accident Reconstruction Report

With accurate geo-mapping using up to 19 satellites, iFleet helps to reconstruct accidents and provide you with a full report.

Best-in-Class Connectivity

With iFleet, reliable data connectivity will be a part of your subscription. Also for a small fee, your fleet can roam worry-free in Singapore, Brunei, Thailand & Indonesia.

Warranty and Support

iFleet warranty covers all damages and provides a one-to-one replacement, nationwide at no cost, all through the subscription period.

Offer is for a limited time only, while stocks last. 0% MDR offer is capped at RM200 and will be reimbursed via Touch ’n Go.
*Valid for 24 months contract with Go Digi Postpaid 98 only.
*Bank cards : Visa, Mastercard, Amex, UPI, JCB & MyDebit. QR Pay & E-Wallets : Touch ’n Go, Boost, GrabPay, Maybank QRPay, AliPay & WeChat Pay.

Plans & Pricing


Average price per SMS
9.6 sen
D'SMS 15
9.6 sen
D'SMS 50
8.5 sen

Features of altHR

  • Manage and keep employee data from hire to retire.
  • Apply for leaves and view leave balance on the go.
  • Submit paperless expense claims on the go.
  • Streamlined travel booking process for HR with travel requests submission.
  • Comprehensive online onboarding journey with text, images, and videos for new employees.
  • Create personal digital folders for each employee and upload company handbooks, notices, and compliance records.
  • Digital service helpdesk to handle employee queries efficiently.
  • Personal assistants to manage team requests on behalf of their superiors.
  • Send completion reminders and create checklists for employees for any occasion.
  • Stay up to date with employee work progress and well-being through Status Check-In.
  • Keep employees up to date with the latest company news or updates.
  • View birthdays, work anniversaries, time-off, and company events in the team calendar.
  • Get the contact information of colleagues conveniently.
  • Maintain company branding by customising the altHR app.
  • Discover office location availability and capacity.
  • Digitally store company sales materials, brochures, videos, and promotions.
  • Digital clock-in and out for employees and easy access to attendance reports.
  • Create, plan, and organise work hours, off days, and rest days for employees.
  • Link important resources and websites for your employees’ access.
  • You and your employees can buy discounted vouchers, prepaid reloads, pay utility bills, and more within the altHR Store.
  • Within the altHR app, employees can purchase personal or motor insurance directly.

Plans & Pricing

Omni Plans

Landline Number
Interactive Virtual Assistants
Incoming Calls (to Omni App) 
Omni Basic
RM69 / month
75 Outgoing Mins
Omni Plus
RM99 / month
250 Outgoing Mins
Omni Pro
RM149 / month
500 Outgoing Mins
*All prices are subject to 6% Sales and Services Tax (SST)

Plans & Pricing

  1. Essentials

    Ideal for all businesses, any sizes

    FREE first 30 days
    RM5/employee/monthafter free trial period
    1. No setup fee and no contract required.
    2. Free offer valid until 31 Dec 2021 only.
    3. Plans include all features in altHR.
    4. Prices are subject to 6% SST.
    Phone Rebate RM300

How It Works

Sign Up & Install

Experts will be dispatched to your premise to support, install and configure our iFleet solutions in your IT system and your fleet.

Track & Monitor

Get a total overview of your fleet, track your vehicles in real-time through the web, a tablet or your smartphone.

View Reports & Insights

On iFleet’s dashboard, you can view and generate multiple reports with comprehensive data insights and actionable options needed to increase your fleet’s efficiency.

We Serve All Industries

iFleet empowers businesses, big or small, with simple solutions to improve efficiency, vehicle utilisation, reduce cost, errors and accidents.








What Customers Say About iFleet

On-time deliveries increased by 50%

Jerry Tan, Director of Floor Culture Holdings Sdn Bhd

iFleet has helped to digitalise and power our business more efficiently. Instant driver alerts and Route Identification reduced our fuel cost by 20% and increased deliveries by 50%.

Other features such as Speed Recording and Engine Idling not only saves resources but also contributes less to environmental pollution. All in all, our company culture has been positively impacted and our drivers are more responsible on the road.

3X increase in output with iFleet

Eric Lee, Founder of Easy Rides Services

iFleet does the work of 10 extra staff and has cut our car servicing costs by 30% in just 30 weeks. This has allowed us to increase our output by 3X!.

Since the adoption of iFleet, operations costs have reduced by 30% and we have been able to move our business forward more efficiently. iFleet’s monitoring of speed limits and driving behaviours have made our drivers more responsible, and features like Real-time Tracking and Geofencing have given us and our investors a greater sense of security.

90% drop in traffic summonses in 6 months

Ng Shern Yau, Chief Operating Officer of Logistics Worldwide Express (M) Sdn Bhd

In 6 months, we saw a 90% drop in traffic summonses and iFleet’s better route tracking resulted in more weekly deliveries. With iFleet, data is straightforward, readily available, and accurate.

This allows us to save more, understand our employees better, and do so much more. Just by monitoring our drivers’ behaviour, we can increase our efficiency and together with accurate route tracking, can make 100 deliveries daily.

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