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Digi 5G Connectivity in Malaysia

The Power of Coming Together

Digi's 5G Network

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The fifth generation of networking technology is here, and this cutting-edge innovation of the decade is about to better your life in ways that you have never imagined possible.

A nationwide 5G network will empower new user experiences and supercharge the Internet of Things (IoT), making life smarter and more reliable in every way. Experience super-fast speeds, ultra-reliable, low-latency connectivity and massive bandwidth, powered by 5G technology that will advance societies and bring entirely new possibilities to the way Malaysians live, work and play.

We’re future-ready, and the best of 5G comes from us, building on it together.

What are the Benefits of 5G?

Faster Connection

Experience transmission speeds that are of up to 10x faster, in real-time, over wireless connections.

Reduced Latency

Redefine efficiency with latency that’s faster than a blink of an eye. Now, that’s seamless connectivity ready for huge technological innovations.

Greater Capacity

The high influx of traffic will no longer be a problem- supporting millions of devices, advancing areas like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Bring Your Ideas to Life with 5G OpenLab

We are developing an all-inclusive and vibrant 5G ecosystem where capabilities, skills and business opportunities can flourish.

Introducing the 5G OpenLab, Malaysia’s first of its kind 5G-powered collaborative space open for all academics, universities, start-ups, developers, and businesses to trial and explore infinite possibilities with 5G. Located in the heart of Cyberjaya, the Capital of Creation, the 5G OpenLab serves to advance new technology solutions and innovations to create smart cities, boost mobility, enhance healthcare, improve education, develop creative digital content, and more.

If you’re an innovator with a case or prototype that will benefit from 5G’s super high-speed, massive bandwidth, and ultra-low latency connectivity, here’s the opportunity to test your technology. Come, build Malaysia’s 5G ecosystem together with us today.
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5G Brings You

Innovation Nation

With seamless connection comes great innovation. The true power of 5G lies in all of us building on it together to progress our nation.

Enhanced Productivity

With higher speeds, 5G will never fall short on keeping your online productivity optimum, at all times, even in crowded areas.

Quality Connections

With increased channels on 5G, now experience life on the fast lane with everything amplified - from the way you live, work and play.

5G Made Just For You to Enhance Your Life

There are unlimited ways to enhance your life with the power of 5G. Stream seamlessly in HD while you’re on the move. Access your home appliances remotely and in real-time. Multitask with multiple devices in crowded areas with zero connectivity delay. Let virtual reality bring you to new places, let augmented reality bring your ideas to life.​

5G Possibilities for Business

Take your business to greater heights with the incredible capability of 5G. No more downtimes for sure. Reach customers with personalised offers. Streamline your workflow. Keep your employees and machines interconnected. Improve productivity and precision with automation. Advance digital healthcare with remote diagnosis. Cross international borders with virtual and augmented reality. Make cities smarter and safer with IoT.​

Digi 5G Showcase

A Glimpse Into the Future

5G will be one of the main catalysts to technological advancement across various verticals and industries. The telecommunications sector in Malaysia has collectively invested a total of RM116 million into a series of 5G Demonstration Projects (5GDP), spearheaded by the Multimedia Commission (MCMC). The demo projects aim to explore 5G use cases across these 9 verticals:

Digital Healthcare



Smart Transportation

Manufacturing & Process Indutries

Oil & Gas



Smart City

Future with Digi 5G

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) for Smart City

Wireless connection speeds of Gigabits per second (Gbps) is turning into a reality. FWA will play an essential role in connecting areas that cannot be fiberised, such as remote areas, rural schools, or Internet centres, where Internet access plays an important that catalyses modernisation and change for Malaysians.

Virtual Maker Space (Collaborative VR) for Education

We are revolutionising real-time collaboration across geographical locations and space limitations with an always-available virtual maker space that connects users worldwide to learn, collaborate, and create together in a safe environment.

Interactive AR with Avatar for Media and Entertainment

We created an interactive, mixed reality experience that functions as an on-the-go tourist information centre. Using landmarks and attractions as markers, visitors can explore the area and obtain information from avatars that act as virtual tour guides.

5G Insights & Inspirations

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir witnesses real-time medical data transfer powered by Digi’s 5G technology in Langkawi

Digi and MDEC collaborate to boost 5G innovation among Malaysian entrepreneurs

Telenor opens first commercial 5G network in Norway