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Supporting JENDELA to bring quality digital
connectivity to all Malaysians

Malaysia’s national digital infrastructure plan, known as Jalinan Digital Negara, JENDELA, is an industry wide initiative
to accelerate the country’s 4G connectivity, whilst preparing the country for 5G technology.

The 3-4-5 of Jendela

3G Powering Down

3G Powering Down

We aim to have all of you experience quality connectivity on our 4G network. Throughout 2021, our 3G network will slowly phase-out as more and more of you fully connect to us on 4G.

4G Expansion For All

4G Expansion For All

We will continually expand our 4G coverage footprint to help the nation achieve JENDELA’s national targets of 96.9% 4G coverage in populated areas with an average speed of 35Mbps.

5G Powering Up

5G Powering Up

We are constantly exploring 5G demonstration projects through a variety of partnerships, as we work towards building a robust 5G ecosystem together.

JENDELA National Objectives

2020 - 2022


*Phase 1

  • Increase 4G coverage from 91.8% to 96.9% in populated areas.
  • Increase mobile broadband speeds from 25 Mbps to 35 Mbps.
  • Upgrade from 3G to 4G for better quality internet experience.

*Phase 2

  • Start introducing 5G technologies once the entire country is fully 4G-enabled (after we have achieved Phase 1 objectives).
  • 5G will first benefit businesses and industries, and then people like you and me. This will help drive Malaysia towards a becoming a stronger digital economy.

*Full details of JENDELA plan here

Upgrade to 4G for a better internet experience

video streaming

Video streaming

Stream videos in HD, worry-free from buffering, 90% of the time.

webpage loading time

Webpage loading time

Experience web surfing where most websites will load within 5 secs, 90% of the time.

gaming & E-sports

Gaming & E-sports

Get your game on with even better latency for a smoother gaming experience, 90% of the time.

Video IP & Video calls

Video IP & Video calls

Experience uninterrupted calls, 90% of the time.

Join Malaysia’s Largest Internet Network

We will continue to upgrade our 4G infrastructure and technology by expanding our network to enhance your quality of experience. From urban cities to rural areas, we strive to bring you seamless connectivity nationwide.

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improved 4g network experiance

Improved 4G network experience wherever you are

With consistent network development and upgrades, a much better 4G experience is headed your way. Learn more about our 4G network progress status here.

Malaysia’s Largest Internet Network
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