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Postpaid Family

Share with your family and enjoy the same benefits at 50% off

Family Postpaid Plans

Every family member that you add to your account enjoys the same benefits as you at 50% off!

3 Simple Family Plans

All plans are 50% off!
All-access Internet
High-speed, no restrictions, all access and shareable quota.
Unlimited Calls
To all Malaysian networks
Share Internet Quota
Get more Internet from your principal line
PhoneFreedom 365
Own the latest devices with zero upfront payments and zero interest instalments
More SavingsAdd-on Deals
Special offers for internet, roaming and more!
Qualifying Principal Plans
Principal plans that can sign up for this family line
Family 20
All Plans
Family 30
Digi Postpaid 60
and above
Family 45
Digi Postpaid 90
and above

Add-On Deals for Family Members

Equal Benefits

Everyone gets to enjoy all the benefits of your respective plan. No surprises!

Get Cool New Devices

Every family member can get the newest devices on PhoneFreedom 365

Shared Quota

Mom or brother running out of data? Share your balance quota via MyDigi

Up to 6 Family Members

Each principal can sign up to 6 postpaid family lines

50% Off

All family lines are half the price of principal lines

How to Share Internet with Your Family

If you're on a Postpaid Principal plan, sign up for the Postpaid Family line via a Digi Store or Digi Store Online.
Open your MyDigi App. Select 'Share My Internet'
You get to adjust the data you'd like to share based on your remaining shareable data quota.
Select 'Share My Internet' and you're done!

Add a Device for Your Family Member with PhoneFreedom 365

More savings for your entire family to get the latest devices with no upfront payment

Keep your family connected and save more

Only possible with Digi