Gadget SIM for Secondary Devices

Share Internet from your Postpaid plan with additional SIM for multiple devices
Digi Gadget SIMDigi Gadget SIM

Why add Digi Gadget SIM to your Postpaid plan?


Add a Gadget SIM to your existing Postpaid plan for only RM10/month

Share Internet with multiple devices

Up to 6 Gadget SIMs per principal line. Use it for your gadgets or smart home appliances

Convenient and fast Internet connectivity

Conveniently connect to Malaysia's Fastest network. Just plug and surf!
Add lines with unlimited internet

Easily register for social media or banking accounts

Up to 6 supplementary Gadget SIMs can be connected to one principal line

How can you use your Gadget SIM?

Share with another tablet for school work or office work

Connect with your IOT or tracking devices for your car

Use the additional SIM for your Smart Home appliances

Add an additional number for your Whatsapp on another device

How to sign up for the Digi Gadget SIM

Ensure you are on an eligible Postpaid plan (Postpaid 60 & above only)
Digi how to sign up gadget sim 1
Click 'Get a Gadget SIM' button below. Key in your principal mobile number and follow the steps. Select 'Gadget SIM' under Supplementary Lines option
Digi how to sign up gadget sim 2
Proceed to check out and confirm your order details. Upon successful payment, your Gadget SIM will be delivered to you
Digi how to sign up gadget sim 3
Insert your Gadget SIM into your device. Go to MyDigi and enable Internet Sharing on your Gadget SIM. You can now start surfing with your Gadget SIM
Digi how to sign up gadget sim 4

How to Share Internet with Gadget SIM via MyDigi App?

If you're on a Postpaid Principal plan, sign up for the Gadget SIM with the above steps first.
Digi how to use gadget SIM 1
Once you've received your new SIM, open your MyDigi App. Select 'Share My Internet'
Digi how to use gadget SIM 2
You get to adjust the data you'd like to share based on your remaining shareable data quota.
Digi how to use gadget SIM 3
Select 'Share My Internet' and you're done!
Digi how to use gadget SIM 4

Keep all your gadgets connected

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