We pay tribute to our culturally rich nation‚ÄĒfrom the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the art that we create as well as the nature we live among, all these influence our everyday life and shape who we are today.‚Äč

We‚Äôve taken these cultural pieces as a foundation, focusing on the various cultures, stories, colours and designs in Malaysia, and incorporating it with a strong, uniform structure of geometric patterns, giving birth to our own identity: Corak Malaysia.‚Äč

Light up this season with our unique patterns.

Own our latest collection.
Four patterns. Twenty-four packets. Weaved into one set.

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Our 2nd Edition
Inspired by our rich cultural wear

In conjunction with the festival of lights, we have drawn inspiration from sarees to create exquisite patterns for the envelopes. Each intricate pattern embodies sincere designs that reference the symbolisms within the culture.‚Äč‚Äč

A closer look at these motifs reveals the rich history of the design vocabulary that is familiar and prominent across diverse art forms, whether it‚Äôs paintings, embroidery or kolams.‚Äč

Vibrant colours, inspired by luxurious sarees, are paired with gold detailing to represent the abundance of prosperity during this festive season.‚Äč

Incorporates floral designs within a circle to resemble a kolam‚Äč.

Takes form of a lighted diya (oil lamp), adorned with delicate flower petals within‚Äč.

Inspired by a prominent droplet shape used in Indian culture, it protects the lotus flower along with tiny sparks of flame.

The petals of the lotus, which makes up the motif‚Äôs core design, symbolizes fertility, wealth and knowledge.‚Äč

Graceful shapes of the peacock feather and flower fill the design space.