Best 3 Day Roaming Pass to travel Asia

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The long-awaited overseas holiday trip! Rediscover the joy of travelling & complete your preparation with a roaming pass to travel with peace of mind. We know how daunting it is to struggle without Internet and not be able to find directions & information or even share your discoveries on social media.

With Digi Roaming Pass for Asia, you can get 2GB Internet & 30 Mins Voice Calls for 3 Days at only RM25. Each roaming pass is valid for one country only.  

For a limited time, enjoy an extra 2GB Internet when you travel to Singapore, Thailand & Indonesia. That’s a total of 4GB!  


Open for both Digi Postpaid & Prepaid subscribers

Eligible countries:

  1. Singapore (+2GB extra Internet)
  1. Thailand (+2GB extra Internet)
  1. Indonesia (+2GB extra Internet)
  1. Australia
  1. Bangladesh
  1. Brunei
  1. China
  1. East Timor
  1. Hong Kong
  1. Macao
  1. Nepal
  1. India
  1. Japan
  1. South Korea
  1. Myanmar
  1. New Zealand
  1. Pakistan
  1. Philippines
  1. Taiwan
  1. Sri Lanka
  1. Cambodia
  1. Vietnam
  1. Laos

How to Buy:  

Via MyDigi App (Before You Travel / Land Abroad)

Step 1: Go to your MyDigi App. Click 'Buy Add-Ons'. Select 'Roaming'

Step 2: Select the country you are traveling to

Step 3: Select the desired roaming pass

Step 4: Choose travel date & confirm your purchase

Step 5: Your pass will be activated between 12am-2am Malaysia time (GMT+8) on the chosen date OR activated immediately if purchased for immediate use  

Step 6: Turn on Data Roaming on your mobile phone when you are at your destination & you are good to go! Learn how to turn on Data Roaming here.

Via UMB (Only When You Land Abroad)

Step 1: Dial UMB Code *800*3# upon arrival at destination

Step 2: Select the desired roaming pass

Step 3: Confirm your purchase. A SMS will be sent to confirm successful activation 

Step 4: Turn on Data Roaming on your mobile phone & you are good to go! Learn how to turn on Data Roaming here.

Pre-book your roaming pass today and travel safe!  

Looking for longer durations or other countries? Check out more roaming passes here.

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