Enjoy smooth sailing connectivity with RM240 rebates for Digi Fibre

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5/1/2023 to 7/2/2023

Fast & Consistent Internet connectivity in every room with 500Mbps Fibre from as low as RM130/month (NP: RM190/month)

Get ONG-some rebates this Chinese New Year! Combine RM10 Juara Internet Rebate*, RM30 Postpaid Rebate for Digi Postpaid 90 and above, plus RM20 Fibre Contract rebate for a total savings of RM60/month when you sign up for our Fibre plans today!  

*Juara Internet 2023 RM10 rebate is applicable only for 500Mbps Digi Fibre 190 plans and above.

Boost your Internet experience with the best value 300Mbps Fibre plan at only RM100/month (NP: RM150/month)  

Get the best value plan today for the smoothest browsing, gaming & streaming experience with 300Mbps ultra-fast, unlimited Fibre plan from only RM100/month (NP: RM150/month). Now comes with RM30 Postpaid Rebate for Digi Postpaid 90 and above, RM20 Fibre Contract Rebate, and additional savings of RM50/month.

Visit our Digi Fibre page to view the Fibre Calculator for all plans.

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