Digi Postpaid 90 now available on Pakej PowerJimat

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You heard that right! Digi Postpaid 90 is now available on Pakej PowerJimat! Enjoy the latest smartphones as Digi brings you our newest device offers on Pakej PowerJimat with Digi Postpaid 90.

Wait, there’s more! Get the Vivo Y76 at only RM399 (enjoy RM240 rebate) when you sign up for a New Line, Port-in or switch from Prepaid-to-Postpaid this Ramadan!

Get these smartphones at a Digi Store near you! Check out our Digi Store locations right here.


  1. Pakej PowerJimat is eligible for customers with a primary line that is not tied to an existing service or device contract.   
  1. Upon sign up, customers will pay device price of RM639 for Vivo Y76, with RM10x24months rebate granted to their bill in subsequent months.

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