Unlimited Pokémon GO Pass

Promotion duration
14/7/2023 to 31/12/2023

Level up with the unlimited Pokémon GO Pass

Calling for all Trainers out there! Total of 234 Digi Stores across Malaysia has been transformed into Pokémon Gyms or PokéStop for the augmented reality mobile game, Pokémon GO starting 14 July 2023 till 31 December 2023.

Exclusive for Digi Prepaid and Postpaid users. Get ready to catch the most powerful Pokémon anytime, anywhere with Unlimited Internet to access the Pokémon GO app only at RM5 for 7 days.

How to Purchase Unlimited Pokémon GO Pass:

(a) Digi Store Online

Step 1: Visit Digi Store Online and click Get Add-Ons

Step 2: Enter your phone number and complete the TAC verification process.

Step 3: Select Unlimited Pokémon GO Pass under the On Demand section.

Step 4: Complete the payment at enjoy your Unlimited Internet.

(b) MyDigi App

Step 1: Visit the Usage page in MyDigi App & click Buy Add-Ons

Step 2: Select Unlimited Pokémon GO Pass, confirm the payment and enjoy your Unlimited Internet.

Unlimited Pokémon GO Pass Eligibility:

Unlimited Pokémon GO Pass can be purchased by all Digi Prepaid & Postpaid users.

Winners will be announced on 10 April 2022

Stay tuned for the results etc