Digi Postpaid 120 with 50% extra Internet Quota

Promotion duration
1/8/2022 to 30/9/2022

YES its True! RM105/month for 105GB Internet Quota!

Save more with Digi Postpaid 120 and enjoy 50% extra Internet Quota and Unlimited Calls.  

On top of that, choose a Freedom Add-on at no extra cost. Choose among Unlimited Socials, Streaming and Gaming and enjoy it for 12 months. Sign up with Digi Postpaid 120 before it's too late!  

Need roaming services to enjoy your travels? Select Roam Like Home as your choice of Freedom Add-On with no extra charges.  

How to sign up online?

FREE Gadget SIM – Limited Time Offer!  

Stay connected with your Smart Home devices by sharing your Postpaid Internet quota through a Gadget SIM. No hassle, just head to your nearest Digi Store to get yours today. First 2 months are on us!


  1. Selected Freedom Add-Ons are available for different Postpaid plans. Just stay with us for 12 months to enjoy. Check out our Freedom Add-Ons for more information.  
  1. Each line can only select and sign up for ONE (1) contract, including Freedom Add-Ons, Phone Freedom365 and Pakej PowerJimat.  
  1. All bonus Internet quota will be valid for 12 months. From month 13 onwards it will revert to original plan Internet quota.
  1. Free 2 months Gadget SIM is eligible for Digi Postpaid 60 and above with device or Freedom Add-ons contract.  
  1. RM15 x 12 months rebate is only eligible (with or without Freedom Add-Ons) for New Line, Switch to Digi, and Prepaid to Postpaid Plan Change. Plan with Device Contract is not eligible for this rebate.

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