Digi's Work Anywhere Deals is here!

Promotion duration
1/9/2022 to 30/4/2023

Digi’s Work Anywhere Deals is finally here!

Enjoy special discounts on your favourite products and accessories to help you work anywhere during this endemic.

Products on sale & Where to buy:

  • For purchases of Samsung products is via Digi Stores
  • For purchases via Digi Store Online, existing Digi subscribers can just log in to their account at the top right-hand corner on Digi’s website, and the discount will be automatically applied upon checkout!
  • For other purchases via Digi Store and Alterseat's website, existing Digi subscribers can download the discount vouchers via MyDigi app.

How to get your voucher code

Download by opening MyDigi app:

  1. Login to your MyDigi app
  1. Tap on ‘SHOP’  
  1. Tap on the Work Anywhere Deals promotion card
  1. Tap on the product on sale
  1. Tap on ‘Get’  
  1. Download the reward voucher
  1. Your download is now successful and you can check your voucher in the MyRewards section  

How to use your voucher code

For purchases via Digi Store:

  1. From the MyRewards section, tap on the downloaded reward to view your voucher code
  1. Show the voucher code to the person in charge to enjoy the special discount

For purchases via Alterseat’s website:

  1. From the MyRewards section, tap on the downloaded reward to view your voucher code
  1. Tap on the code to copy  
  1. Tap Go to Site and you will be directed to the specific product page on Alterseat’s website
  1. Add the product to your cart
  1. Continue your checkout journey and apply the voucher code to enjoy the special discount

Check out our Digi Store locations near you!

Pair these products and accessories with our Digi Fibre to enjoy a fast and seamless internet experience for your conducive workstation.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours today.

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