Stay connected on your travels around the world with 5G roaming

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The perfect Internet roaming passes tailored for short trips or long adventures!

Pre-book a Digi Roaming Pass for your overseas holiday with friends and family and enjoy high-speed roaming Internet wherever you are. For longer trips, travel to 69 countries with just 1 pass at only RM95! The pass comes with 30GB high-speed roaming Internet, 30-minute calls, and 30-day validity.  

If you're making shorter visits around Asia, there's the option of the 3-Day Pass for RM25 which comes with 2GB high-speed roaming Internet and 30-minute calls. If you are visiting Singapore, Indonesia or Thailand, you’ll enjoy bonus 2GB roaming Internet for FREE!

5G roaming in 32 countries

5G access is also available with Digi Roaming Pass in selected networks in popular destinations such as Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom and more! Please ensure that you are on an eligible Digi Postpaid plan and a 5G-enabled smartphone to enjoy roaming with 5G. Refer here for the full list of countries with 5G roaming.

Eligible plans:

Open for both Digi Postpaid & Prepaid subscribers. 5G roaming is available to Digi Postpaid plans with the 5G Speed Booster already activated.

How to Buy: ‍

Via MyDigi App (Before You Travel / Land Abroad)

Via UMB (Only When You Land Abroad)

On top of the 3-Day and 30-Day Roaming Passes, there are also 7-Day and 14-Day passes available for your travels to the Middle East, Europe and the Americas! For a full list of Digi Roaming Passes and eligible countries, visit our Roaming page or click Learn More above.

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