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Digi Postpaid. Hello Shiny Smartphones. Group of phones selling at RM8/mth.
Digi PhoneFreedom 365
The smarter phone instalment plan that gives you more flexibility, more savings, and more Internet.
upfront payment
1 Take home a new smartphone and pay from the following month onwards.
interest rate
Your monthly instalments come with no added interest.
phone upgrade
Enjoy free upgrades2 to the latest phones from month 18 onwards, with a variety of selected models.
365 phone protection
Never worry about mishaps to your smartphone again. Find out more about Digi Shield
new smartphone
The same Internet GBs and new devices for your family.
Principal Family

Same New Phones For You and Your Family

Vivo Y11D

realme C15


Family 90


RRP: RM599


*This model is not eligible for a free phone upgrade.
realme C17

realme C17


Family 90


RRP: RM899


*This model is not eligible for a free phone upgrade.
OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord


Family 90


RRP: RM2,399


*This model is not eligible for a free phone upgrade.

Note: Prices listed are monthly device instalment prices and do not include advance payments and plan charges from Digi.

50% OFF Family Lines

Get the same GBs as your principal plan at half the price!
Family 90
RM90 / month
RM45 / month
  • 50GB
    All-access Internet
  • Unlimited
  • 300


  • RM0 upfront is available to eligible customers based on a set of criteria, which includes a combination of tenure, payment history, and usage among others (customer eligibility is updated periodically).
  • Eligibility for free phone upgrade depends on the phone’s condition during exchange and the tier level of the phone model. Please refer to the PhoneFreedom 365 FAQ for more information.
  • Prices listed within the devices section are monthly device instalment prices and does not include advance payments, plan charges, taxes, shipping charges, and additional promotional rebates from Digi.
  • Plan discount varies across various Digi Postpaid plans and/or device offers, and will be rebated via your Digi bill over a period of 24 months. For more info on plan rebates, check out the Digi PhoneFreedom 365 FAQ page.