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Access Numbers

English /Bahasa Malaysia

1800 28 2828


1800 28 2826


1800 28 2827

Know how to :

Step 1:

Purchase a chatzTM card at a Digi Store or from an authorised vendor near you. From a mobile or fixed line, dial the chatzTM Access Number that corresponds with your preferred language.

Step 2:

Follow the instructions and enter your chatzTM PIN followed by # when prompted. Then, enter your destination number followed by #.

Your call will be connected and your available talktime will be announced.

More Features

chatz™ Easy Connect

chatzTM Easy Connect

Make chatzTM calls from your registered phone number(s) without having to key in your chatzTM PIN. Check or transfer chatzTM credit with just one SMS!

How to Setup

chatzTM Direct

Earn chatzTM credit by introducing chatzTM to your family and friends.

Earn 4% of your direct contacts chatzTM usage. The people with whom you share chatzTM credit are your direct contacts.

For example, if you have five (5) direct contacts who used RM50 each, you will get: (RM50 x5) x 4% = RM10.

People to whom your direct contacts introduce the chatzTM card, these people will become your indirect contacts. You will earn 0.5% of their chatzTM usage.

For example, if you have twenty (20) indirect contacts who used RM50 each, you will get: (RM50 x 20) x 0.5% = RM5

How to register and track rewards
chatz™ Direct