Roaming rates

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Budget *111* voice calls

voice calls.png
RM 2.00 / Min
to Malaysia
RM 2.00/ Min
Within Afghanistan

Voice calls

Voice Calls 2.png
RM 8.00 / Min
to Malaysia
RM 8.00 / Min
Within Afghanistan
RM 2.00 / Min
to other countries
You can only use Postpaid Direct Dial on the following networks: MTN


RM 56.00 (For 20MB) /day
(Any Operator)
4G LTE available On: N/A

Receiving calls

Receiving call
RM 5.00/ Min


RM 0.99 / SMS

Roaming pass

Roaming pass.png
12 Day Pass
RM 13,230.00 / 24323 hours
Unlimited Social Messaging + 50MB Internet
3 Day Pass
RM 2,325.00 /72 hours
2GB Internet + 30 Mins Calls
3 Day Pass
RM 2,325.00 /72 hours
2GB Internet + 30 Mins Calls
Network : Claro AR
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Roaming services and rates
  • Postpaid Roaming rates displayed on this page are applicable to all rate plans EXCEPT those mentioned below:
    • DG Smart Plan
    • Digi Smart Plan
    • iDigi Plan
    • SmartBIZ Plan
    • DG Plus Plan
    • MPLite SP Plan
    • MPPro SP Plan
    • MPElite Plan
    • Biz Plans
    • DG Postpaid Simple Plan
    • Biz Plan PAYU
    • Biz Smart Plan
    • Biz Plus Plan
    • Biz Postpaid Plan
    • Biz SmartFree Plan
    • Go Digi
    (To check the detailed rates applicable to your rate plan, kindly contact our Customer Service)
  • Bundled voice minutes, internet quota or freebies from your domestic plan are not applicable to international roaming.
  • It is possible with some smartphones, even with Data Roaming turned off in phone settings, and WiFi connections to cause data roaming usage.
  • Charges for voicemail services while roaming will vary according to the selected roaming network. We recommend that you switch off/deactivate your voicemail service before travelling to avoid any unnecessary charges. Check how to deactivate voicemail
  • For Thailand, there will be no roaming service available in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat districts due to restriction set by the Thai Government
  • For India: There will be no roaming services available in Jammu, Kashmir, Assam & the Northeast regions of India due to restrictions set by the Indian Government.