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Make the best of your DiGi Postpaid with these convenient gems.
Manage your DiGi account online within clicks via OCS.

View and pay bill Check credit limit Auto payment View PUK 1
Check your monthly bill statement and have the option to download, e-mail or pay your bill online. Use it to see what your current credit limit is. Print out auto payment form to apply for auto billing and charge your phone bill to your credit card.

View the PUK 1 code of your mobile number anytime you wish.
Add / terminate features Send SMS/MMS Remind me CallerTunes™
Add or terminate any of our features to suit your needs.

Send up to three SMS messages to other DiGi mobile numbers for free. A premium rate of RM0.10 and RM0.20 will be charged respectively for each SMS and MMS message sent from OCS upon utilizing your free messages. Have an appointment you can�t afford to forget or a date you wouldn�t want to miss? Here�s a nifty feature made to remind you! Entertain your callers with personalised tones and tunes before you pick up the call!
Voicemail   Information On Demand   MobileTV™   SmartMail™
Can’t come to the phone when it’s ringing? Have your callers leave you voicemails to retrieve later!   Get latest news, traffic info and movie schedules while you’re on the move.   Watch TV on your mobile phone wherever you go. Now you don’t have to miss out on your favourite shows!   Receive emails even if you�re away from your computer with SmartMailTM, a solution that allows wireless PDA or Smartphone users to send and receive emails using POP3 / IMAP4 email account over an active GPRS connection.
Express your messages with a difference with XMS – your words will be accommodated by an appropriate MMS or picture message!