How can I activate roaming pass with my broadband line?

Upon arrival at your destination, follow these steps below to purchase a roaming pass: 

Option A - Via UMB Code


Step 1: Insert your Digi Broadband SIM card into your mobile devices 
Step 2: Dial *800# 
Step 3: Press 3 to purchase the roaming pass 
Step 4: You’ll receive a confirmation SMS to notify a successful purchase of Roaming Pass.

Option B- via MyDigi App


Step 1: Tap “Buy Add-Ons”
Step 2: Tap the “Roaming” Icon
Step 3: Select the Country and Roaming pass, and your activation date
Step 4: You’ll receive a confirmation SMS to notify you of successful Roaming Pass purchase 


If you would like to continue using your mobile device, then 

Step 5: Manually select the specified/applicable network operator 
Step 6: Turn on Data Roaming or Cellular Data/Mobile Data on your mobile phone 

If you would like to use it on the MobiFi 

Step 5: Insert SIM Card into MobiFi and download Huawei Link from Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your mobile device. 
Step 6: Launch the Huawei Link app and follow the settings below: 


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