I am on a Digi Postpaid 58 plan. I have an existing subscription on Viu/Mubi/Dimsum and I am paying RM5 per month. What will happen to my existing subscription?

Your existing subscription will remain at RM5 unless you change the offer. You may change your existing subscription at http://easyadd.my/curate/start.

For example, if you are an existing Mubi Sinema Monthly subscriber, you can change your offer by following the steps below:

  1. Go to http://easyadd.my/curate/start, select ‘Mubi Sinema’
  2. Enter your mobile number (the number must be registered under Digi Postpaid 58 plan) and click ‘Pay Now’.
  3. You will see the option to ‘Update your subscription’ if you have an existing Mubi Sinema package with us.
  4. Proceed by clicking ‘Confirm’.
  5. You will receive the confirmation message upon successful change of the offer. The new RM1 offer will take effect from the next renewal date of your Mubi Sinema subscription.