15% OFF Apple Accessories FAQ

1. Where can I purchase these accessories on discount?

You can get these accessories on discount from Digi Store Online. Please click here to purchase.

2. Is there a promo code that I should use?

Yes, a unique promo code will be sent to when if you have pre-ordered iPhone 12 with Digi. Please check your SMS inbox for your code.

3. Can a customer purchase all the accessories listed on the page? 

Yes, you can use your promo code to purchase all accessories listed here on a discount. However, if you purchase more than one unit of the same accessory, then the discount will not be applied to the second unit. i.e. If you’re purchasing 2 units of the “Apple MagSafe Charger”, then the 15% discount will be applied only to the 1st unit and the 2nd unit will be charged at its normal price.

4. Is there an expiry date for this promo code?

Yes, this code will expire on 31 December 2020.

5. Can I redeem this promo at any of Digi’s outlets instead?

No, this is a Digi Online Store exclusive offer. 

6. Can I use the RM11 Accessories Voucher together with this promo code?

No, you can only redeem 1 voucher code per checkout.