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Can I still purchase the Kaki Social Internet + Call Plan if I already have an existing Internet Plan?

Yes, you can. However, your existing Internet plan will be overwritten and any remaining quota from your current Internet Plan will be forfeited.


What services or applications can I use with my Kaki Social quota?

The Kaki Social quota can be used to access Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A 500MB quota is granted daily throughout the 30-day validity period of your Kaki Social plan.

What is "Always Active"?

"Always Active" means that your main account validity will always be extended to match the subscription validity of your Kaki Social Internet + Call Plan. For example, if your account validity expires tomorrow but you subscribe to a Kaki Social Internet + Call Plan with "Always Active" feature today, your account validity will be extended by 30 days (instead of expiring tomorrow).
However, if your main account has a validity of more than 30 days at the point of subscription to a Kaki Social Internet + Call Plan, it will remain unchanged.

Which Kaki Social Internet + Call Plan comes with "Always Active" feature?

Kaki Social RM30 and RM38 Internet + Call Plans come with 'Always Active' feature.

How do I check the balance of my Kaki Social Internet + Call Plan?
MyDigi*116*5# and following the steps
Local Calls Minutes
MyDigi*128*1*5# and following the steps
How do I purchase Kaki Social Internet plans?

You can purchase the plan via MyDigi > Add-ons or by dialing *116*1# and following the steps.